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New WWF ‘If you care, they will care’ video launched ahead of EU elections

Posted on 05 May 2014    
WWF ‘If you care, they will care’ video launched ahead of EU elections

Brussels, Belgium: Three weeks ahead of the European Elections that will result in a new European Parliament and a new President of the European Commission, WWF launches a video to show citizens the importance of choosing the right candidate for them and the environment.

The video “If you care, they will care” is part of WWF’s online pledge where candidates can show public support of environmental issues to their voters and their priorities once elected as Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

“People often don’t realise to what extent the European Union is key for our day-to-day wellbeing. The EU sets many standards, such as on the quality and safety of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the energy bills we pay, the jobs we do and the environment. This is why when we will vote for the European Elections, we need to choose politicians who will put our interests first. And with 95% of people saying that the environment is important to them personally – people and the environment should come first ”, said Tony Long, Director of the WWF European Policy Office.

“We invite people to look at WWF’s pledge and see whether their candidates care about their environment and their health and wellbeing. Already more than 360 candidates from different political groups and countries have pledged – which is really encouraging news. We want to make sure that the majority of new Parliamentarians coming to Brussels are committed to work for people and the things they care about most”.

In the past years, the European Union has taken a series of important decisions that benefit our lives. Since 2007 the EU has a strong legislation on chemicals (REACH) that ensures no hazardous products are sold in the European market. About 20% of Europe’s territory is part of Natura 2000, a network of protected areas that aims to guarantee that we continue to be surrounded by nature. More recently the EU passed a new fisheries policy to guarantee that we still eat fish that is legally and sustainably caught; and it also supported new climate and energy targets for a greener, cheaper and more stable energy market for Europe.

WWF wants to see these past environmental successes that benefit people and their wellbeing continued with the new Parliament, so that we can build a new Europe that respects the limits of the one planet we have. This is why we call on candidates to continue supporting issues close to people’s hearts.

Notes for the editor:
WWF’s video is available here with subtitles in various languages:

WWF’s pledge in 11 EU countries + Other EU Countries: http://ep2014.wwfeu

WWF’s main political goals for the next European Parliament 2014-2019 are presented here:

For further information:

Tycho Vandermaesen, Public Affairs Officer, WWF European Policy Office,, Mob: +32 498 72 56 41

Stefania Campogianni, Media and Communications Officer, WWF European Policy Office, , Mob: +32 499 53 97 36

More on WWF's priorities for the European Elections:

WWF’s priorities are in line with what European citizens want:
  • Tackle climate change - 90% of Europeans want their governments to increase the amount of renewable energy used by 2030.
  • Shift to a resource-efficient economy - 83% of Europeans agree that resource efficiency can boost economic growth in the EU.
  • Halt the loss of nature - 92% of Europeans are afraid of the impacts of nature loss.
  • Encourage more sustainable and healthy consumption - 87% of Europeans want our natural resources to be used more efficiently.
  • Secure clean and healthy waters -73% of Europeans believe the EU should do more to address water problems in Europe.
  • Protect the environment for human well-being globally - 95% of Europeans consider protecting the environment as important to them personally.
  • Ensure sustainable agriculture - 93% of Europeans want subsidies to sectors such as agriculture and fisheries to take environmental protection into account.
  • Recover fish stocks - 88% of Europeans want fish in the EU to come from sources that are sustainable and not overfished.
  • Stop illegal timber and wildlife trades - 93% of citizens polled agree that it is important that products sold in Europe are legally harvested and traded.

Sources: (Priorities 1 – 7 Eurobarometers, Priority 8 WWF Survey on CFP reform, April 2011, Priority 9 WWF Survey on Illegal Timber Trade March 2009).

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WWF ‘If you care, they will care’ video launched ahead of EU elections
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