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Achieving Sustainable Development in Africa

Posted on 19 September 2013    
 Africa is a vast landscape with so many natural resources and different kinds of wildlife streching across different countries. Africa has a rich cultural diversity that adds to its unique way of functioning, what happens in one country can be totally unacceptable in another. This shows how policies when it comes to Africa should suit the culture and the way things are done in that certain place. Though Africa is home to millions of animals it still faces extreme cases of poverty, people are always competiting for the resources and it seems the more a person uses a resource the more the neighbour will also try to use the same resource (tradegy of the common). Africa hasn't been spared from soil erosion and other ecological conditions that have been lowering productivity. In such a case where people are not fully educated on how to take care of their environment how then can we achieve sustainable development.

The answer goes to ask how far people are willing to educate other people on valuing their natural resources, how to use them in such a way that the future generations will enjoy the same things we did and even more. It is best that people are educated from a tender age so that they grow up knowing how to take care of this fragile earth that we call our home.

Lets meet our own needs without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet theirs! 

Chenai Mamvura WWF-ESARPO Kenya Volunteer (2013)

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