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Some people really help making a better world...

Posted on 24 April 2013    
Surreal sunset in San Ignacio, Bolivia.
Surreal sunset in San Ignacio, Bolivia.
© WWF / Daiana Radulescu
... So that we can breath a fresher air, coming from the plants that surround us. So that we can swim in the waters we love, along with the fish. Fishes that we can then catch on our waterproof cameras while we do scuba diving. Scuba diving followed by a nice, long cocktail on the beaches with white, glittery sand. Sand that comes from the rocks that used to there once. Rocks from the mountains, mountains from the Earth. All in one, we have 29.22% of the Earth's surface covered by land, the rest of almost 70% is water, from which 97% is salt water and less than 1% is drinkable. And on 100% of our beautiful planet we have different forms of LIFE.

Lucky for us, since 1961 we also have more caring people organized under the foundation called WWF, spread over 100 international offices, and their over 5 million supporters around the world, to make our lives better, in ways that sometimes we don't even realize. Nowadays, we don't think and most of the times we don't know/care how the products of our daily use were made. Nevertheless, from the chairs we sit on to the sun screening lotions we apply on our skins, everything has an impact on the world as we know it. Or, should I say, as we should know it.

And when we imagine this world surrounding us, either we live in huge metropolitan areas or in small villages, we have to see the nature. We simply have to see all the green spots that represent the vegetation and all the moving colors that represent the wildlife. They are part of our lives even if most of the times we don't share the same territories, as individuals. Because as groups of people, as humankind, we actually do share the same planet. And it is such a pity to keep living in our square boxes like disconnected-from-reality robots, when there are plenty of actions we can take to make this world better.

If you don't know where to start, let me ease your trouble: others have already started, for decades even, and recently WWF became my love brand in matters of nature conservation. I find it indefinable to express my consideration for all the projects they have been involved in and successfully managed to complete. And by complete I mean having a goal, putting all resources to work and then having that objective checked from their list of "thing to do for a healthy, happy, thriving, living and ultimately diverse and wonderful world". So you need not to worry, there are tens of ways you can help, starting right here, starting right now. Don't leave the water running when brushing your teeth, don't leave your computer or other lights on when going to bed, don't buy animal parts or souvenirs coming from endangered species, don't print written materials if not mandatory.

And if this seems like a list of don'ts, let me offer you another one, in a more positive approach: invest in renewable energy, be smart when shopping to avoid wasting food resources, travel wisely to avoid polluting the air, donate for natural causes you believe in, be part of local NGOs that care for your well being, sign on line petitions to exercise your democratic rights, plant a tree or vegetables you will later eat, stay in touch with nature and treat animals and plants like your best friends.

Then I recommend you do a half an hour Google search on ongoing projects to save the nature. And take 1 minute to think about all the TV shows you have seen on Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet etc. that were talking about the researches that were made on wildlife, about the scientific discoveries, about the new species of life we keep finding. There were some astonishing images I still have in my mind from watching the Wild Russia series.

As I am sure you have yours. And we all come with our biological photography album made of memories we got from living in this world. Every step matters, when step by step we create the path. The road, the highway, the bridge. We are all connected and have to use our imagination to understand that our actions here and now, all summarized, have an impact on the world, there and later.

I have always been that it's called a believer and I am happy to declare myself a dreamer. I took all the good actions mentioned above and I am now part of the wonderful project WWF has for its special volunteers. I don't know if there is a causative connection between these two, but what I can say for sure is that thinking big and being passionate about something will really change your life. Best part even, not only yours.

If I am standing here today, writing part of my story, it is because I sincerely believe in the humans' power. In our ability to become amazing creators. In our destiny to generate fresh and innovative ideas that continuously redesign our world. It is part of our DNA to do the best we can in exchange for what we have freely been given. And with technology at our feet, we can look back at our actions in less than half a year and proudly say "I really helped making this world a better one".

Volunteer Daiana Radulescu, WWF-Bolivia 2013

Surreal sunset in San Ignacio, Bolivia.
Surreal sunset in San Ignacio, Bolivia.
© WWF / Daiana Radulescu Enlarge

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