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Solomon Islands MECDM update

Posted on 12 December 2012    
Participants of the Coral Triangle Fishers Forum have made specific commitments in implementing responsible business practices to address sustainability issues in the Coral Triangle region, such as IUU fishing. Progress and updates on such commitments can be found on this website in the interim, and unless specifically indicated, do not necessarily connote any direct partnership with, or endorsement by, WWF.

MECDM has developed a presentation on the result of the CTFF presented to the Solomon Island National Coordinating Committee in August (2012) as committed. The committee, particularly the working committee on communications, has suggested to look into possible means on how to tackle IUU with an emphasis on community-based management approaches and highlighting the progress of the Nokia initiative currently underway with the CTSP.

There could be a potential tool for using of simple forensic technique for distinguishing fish caught from dynamite (illegal fishing) and undersize fish to help buyers' decision making from market outlet that could be taken on board by the MFMR.

A literature review is underway for the Solomon Island National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan review under the CBD. An emphasis on the theme of marine and coastal biodiversity will capture IUU and the potential use of traceability as a tool to tackle IUU in the Solomon Islands or the Coral Triangle region.

The NBSAP seeks to advance the context of the current SINPOA that will allows inclusion of offshore fisheries as that seeks to engage FFA, PNA, WWF, TNC, WFC and other stake holders with respects to their institutional functional scope of foci. To this end MECDM hopes to work with CTFF alongside the development sectors such as fisheries, business and CBOs in addressing IUU through traceability as stated in the CTFF Plan of Action.

Funds permitting, MEDCM hopes to host a workshop on marine and coastal fisheries thematic of CBD to include the components of IUU and traceability. It will be on the SI sites in its commitment to the CBD as well as the Action Plan of the CTFF in its policy tool including its associated actions.

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