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Safeguarding the Climate, Biodiversity and People’s Well-Being

Posted on 19 October 2009    
WWF International’s Forests Director Rodney Taylor urged participants of the Congress, to support a zero net deforestation by 2020 target.
© Marcelo Tucuna
Monday kicked off the first full day of the XIII World Forestry Congress, a week-long dialogue organized by the government of Argentina in collaboration with the Forestry Department of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, which has attracted some 4,500 participants from more than 160 countries. Throughout the week speeches, workshops, round-table discussions, poster presentations, parallel events, exhibits, study and technical tours will provide a forum for the exchange of personal experiences and for discussions on topics related to the conference theme, "Forests in development – a vital balance."

WWF challenged government leaders, NGOs and businesses, in a keynote presentation delivered by Rodney Taylor, Director of WWF International’s Forest Programme, to back an ambitious target on stopping forest loss—zero net deforestation by 2020—as a major element of efforts to avert the looming climate catastrophe.

WWF also showcased its leading, innovative solutions—GFTN and New Generation Plantations Project—for tackling forests, climate change and biodiversity issues by engaging with the private sector to adopt responsible production and purchasing practices for forest and agricultural products.

Unable to join WWF at the World Forestry Congress? Please download the presentations from today’s proceedings for an in-depth look at the collaborative efforts that WWF and the GFTN are undertaking with key stakeholders to conserve the world’s valuable and threatened forests. In addition to this keynote, WWF also engaged with the attendees through the Partners for Responsible Forestry Series, a week-long session of presentations at the WWF booth on collaborative efforts by the international conservation organization, through initiatives like the Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) and work with other key stakeholders to safeguard the climate, biodiversity and people’s well being.

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