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Wesley Cronk, USA

Posted on 26 August 2009    
When most people think about summer in south Florida, they think of sunny weather and beach days. Originally from West Palm Beach summer is a synonym for hurricane season. Growing up, hurricanes were more of an afterthought of summer, something that you had to be prepared for but no one really worried about. After the 2005 season left Florida ravaged by a series of storms and New Orleans destroyed by Katrina, it is hard to not link the storms to climate change. Even if science doesn't link those storms to warming ocean temperatures, the potential that climate change has to make a hurricane season like 2005 happen regularly was enough for me to start addressing climate change. To do so, a friend and I formed a non-profit organization, the SEEC Foundation, as a means of demonstrating widespread benefits of preventing climate change. We promote the economic and social gains that businesses and communities can realize by addressing environmental problems with the greatest focus being on climate change.

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