The Circle 04.16 | WWF
The Circle 04.16

Posted on 17 January 2017

The Blue Economy
The Arctic is defined by its marine space, its countries and many of its people clustered around a central ocean. It’s a space in flux as an ocean of ice becomes increasingly liquid. Every inch the Arctic sea ice retreats, new economic opportunities open up. 

The Blue Economy concept provides us with a useful lens to understand the importance and value of the marine economy and how industrial activities, transportation, livelihoods, food security, recreational activities and ecosystems are linked.

The principles for a sustainable Blue Economy are relevant everywhere. WWF has commissioned reports on the Blue Economy in various regions of the world, and in May 2017 they will be joined by another, with a focus on the Arctic. 

In the meantime, this issue of The Circle offers perspectives on an Arctic Blue Economy.

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The Circle 04.16