WWF-Greater Mekong: Consultant for Re-Branding of Dawna Tenasserim Landscape (DTL) | WWF
WWF-Greater Mekong: Consultant for Re-Branding of Dawna Tenasserim Landscape (DTL)

Posted on 08 August 2018

Location: Bangkok

The Dawna Tenasserim Landscape (DTL), straddling the Myanmar-Thai border, has some of the largest remaining areas of tropical forests in Southeast Asia. Over 83% of the landscape is still forested and it harbors exceptional biodiversity, including tigers and one of the largest populations of Asian elephants. It is also home to other endangered species such as leopard, bear, gaur and banteng

The 178,896 km2 DTL represents one of the Earth’s most biologically significant areas for biodiversity conservation and is one of WWF’s top five priority landscapes globally. 
The  ecosystems of the DTL provide multiple services that support both natural and human communities. These include water, forest products that support subsistence and livelihoods of local communities, nutrient cycling, crop pollination, and carbon sequestration. The forests are also central to the identity and spiritual values of indigenous communities living there.

The Challenge

This landscape is facing immediate and increasing threats. The direct challenges include infrastructure projects that would see the landscape fragmented in several key locations.
  • The ‘Dawei Road’ will cut across the Southern Corridor connecting Bangkok to the deep-water port in Dawei via Kanchanburi.
  • East West Economic Corridor - a road located to the north of the Western Forest Complex (WEFCOM). will traverse mainland Southeast Asia including linking Phitsanulok in Thailand with Mawlamyine in Myanmar.
  • On the Myanmar side, there is also a road cutting off connectivity north of proposed Lenya National Park to the proposed Tanintharyi national park.
More roads will come and each road divides the forest into smaller blocks, disrupts the movement of wildlife, gives access to poachers and illegal loggers, increases deforestation and brings more roads.
WWF is working to mitigate the negative impacts of these infrastructure projects but we need more people to care.
Most people in Myanmar and Thailand aren’t even aware of this landscape, how spectacular and intact it is, and that it is home to tigers, elephants  and other charismatic species. It’s often assumed that there aren’t any true wilderness areas left in this region and what their value is. We need to change that mindset. 
What we need:
  1. Name for the initiative and tagline
    1. We need a name and tagline that embody the spirit of this beautiful and vast landscape while stressing the urgency of the need to protect it. This does not necessarily need to be a new name for the Landscape but a name for an initiative built around the Landscape. The DTL name alone does not resonate with many audiences, so we want something that resonates with donors, stakeholders, and the general public that is easy to remember and conveys a sense of “place” (geographic location), urgency and importance. Similar WWF initiatives include “The Coral Triangle” and “The Heart of Borneo,” which have become well-known names that are attached to location-specific conservation initiatives.
  2. Visual identity
    1. The conservation initiative needs a visual identity that will resonate with a broad audience and make the landscape memorable. We need a distinct visual theme -- a “look and feel” that can be applied across the webpage and print and promotional materials while maintaining the WWF branding and familiarity.
  3. Initial ideas on how to market the initiative / DTL -- activities, venues, exhibition
    1. Broad ideas on ways to introduce the public to the DTL and the wider initiative. Any ideas are welcome at this point and can then be whittled down into what is realistic. But at this point, be bold and creative. We have one activity that we are currently looking at:
      1. Exhibition: We have a commissioned aerial photography and video series that we want to turn into an exhibition that can be used to “launch” the DTL and fundraise for our work.
  4. A package of creative products (following agreement on the general visual identity) including:
    1. Key visuals
    2. Website
    3. Introductory brochure
    4. Social media package
    5. TBC
  1. Objective of the consultancy
To create a cutting edge visual identity and ‘brand’ for the DTL with a view to increasing public awareness and political support for its conservation.  
  1. Outputs/deliverable of performance and time schedule
  1.  Campaign Articulation
    • Mission
    • Vision
    • Campaign Name
    •  Slogan/ tagline
    • Powerpoint overview of the Initiative
  1. Campaign Style Guide
    • Visual identity: brand marks, campaign colors
    • Campaign typography: headline, sub-head & body copy typeface selections
    • Delivered as .PDF document
  1. Initial Campaign Strategy and Plan
    • Campaign Activity Ideation
    • Initial strategy and plan outline
    • Delivered as .PDF document

 All products to be delivered by October 20, 2018.

Closing date: 21 August 2018 (Tuesday)

Interested applicants may submit their proposal stating the expected consultancy fee together with CVs of consultants to lee.poston@wwfgreatermekong.org.