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The Belize reef is home to three kinds of marine turtles, endangered green turtles, like this one, as well as critically endangered hawksbills and vulnerable loggerheads.

Belize moratorium on offshore oil activity landmark step forward for marine conservation

WWF, Oceana and other members of the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage welcome move to stop damaging oil exploration activity in and ...

18 Aug 2017 Read more »
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Wayne Lotter

‘A devoted conservationist and defender of wildlife’

WWF statement on the death of Wayne Lotter, Co-founder & Chairman, PAMS Foundation

18 Aug 2017 Read more »
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Yellowfin Tuna

WWF deeply concerned over imminent certification of Mexican tuna fishery

WWF has expressed its deep concern at the likely Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification of the Northeastern Tropical Pacific tuna dolphin-set ...

05 Aug 2017 Read more »
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Rangers demonstrating a snare, Cambodia.

Snaring crisis devastating Asia’s wildlife, jeopardizing decades of tiger conservation efforts

On Global Tiger Day today, WWF is urging tiger-range governments to strengthen anti-poaching efforts and crack down on a severe wildlife snaring ...

29 Jul 2017 Read more »
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The ancient trees in the Bialowieza Forest date back hundreds of years, some as far back to the reign of Polish King Władysław II Jagiełło in the 14th century.

EU Court of Justice orders Poland to halt logging in Bialowieza Forest

WWF statement on the ban which will help suspend increased logging in UNESCO World Heritage site.

28 Jul 2017 Read more »
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Yellowfin Tuna

Long-term conservation crucial to rescue Eastern Pacific tunas

As unsustainable fishing rates and practices continue to pressure multiple Eastern Pacific tuna populations, WWF is calling on governments to agree ...

19 Jul 2017 Read more »

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