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7 - 9 May 2007: Our Common Ground Symposium: Innovations in Land Use Decision-Making

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07 May 2007
What do the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada, the várzeas of the central Amazon River Basin, the Congo River Basin and the Komi Model Forest in northwest Russia have in common?

All are globally significant regions where individual groups either resolved tense land and resource use conflicts by working together to achieve a common goal or are leading the way with new approaches.

Our Common Ground is an international symposium where representatives involved in these unique processes will share their successes and challenges with others who have followed a similar path or are currently involved in complex resource management discussions. It will provide a forum to discuss new approaches to land and resource management planning, share best practices and explore how collective experiences could inform new processes.

The symposium will use our four case studies from around the globe in keynote presentations and breakout discussions, to move terms such as participatory land use planning and joint resource management from jargon to action.

Our Common Ground will examine how participants in the four processes:
  • ~ brought together different views and interests
  • ~ managed conflicts and tradeoffs
  • ~ dealt with science and resolved contradictory data and perspectives
  • ~ gained government and business support
  • ~ financed both the planning process and implementation
  • ~ provided opportunities for local economic growth
  • ~ integrated the rights and values of indigenous peoples
  • ~ responded to international trade issues
  • ~ addressed climate change
  • ~ and much more

The symposium will be of value to anyone interested in land and resource management planning, and how it can benefit society, the economy and the environment – locally and internationally. Delegates will represent governments, inter-governmental agencies, local communities, resource-based industries, environmental organizations, indigenous peoples, aid agencies, foundations and academia.

Our Common Ground is organised by the Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia, and WWF, and will take place from 7 - 9 May 2007 at UBC's Forest Sciences Centre in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Our Common Ground: Innovations in Land Use Decision-Making