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Wayne Lotter; A devoted conservationist and defender of wildlife

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18 August 2017
A devoted conservationist and defender of wildlife, Wayne dedicated his life to protecting Africa’s wildlife. From his early days as a ranger in South Africa to his most recent efforts against organised poaching syndicates in Tanzania, Wayne’s commitment was inspiring to all who had the opportunity to work with him.   He was known for his courageous fight against wildlife poaching in Tanzania and most importantly his belief in working with local communities. It is through this that WWF Tanzania  partnered with PAMS Foundation in supporting the training of Village Game Scouts (VGS) and anti-poaching patrols efforts in the Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor in Mbarang’andu and Nalika WMAs within Namtumbo and Tunduru Districts respectively. Wayne’s role in leading intelligence-led anti-poaching patrols resulted in success in curbing elephant poaching from very notorious areas and poaching hotspots in both Tunduru and Namtumbo districts.
Dr Margaret Kinnaird, Leader, Wildlife Practice, WWF International said:
"Wayne was both a personal friend to many in WWF and a highly respected and admired conservation partner. He believed wholly in the power of communities to create change and today, he leaves behind thousands of village game scouts who continue to bravely fight illegal wildlife crime in Tanzania. It is time we all unite to urge stronger protection for environmental conservationists and wildlife defenders like Wayne who dedicate their lives to protect people, wildlife and places for all."
Dr Amani Ngusaru, Country Director, WWF-Tanzania said: 
"Wayne Lotter’s death will be a major set-back in fighting against poaching in Tanzania. PAMS Foundation helped to train thousands of game scouts and supported community outreach campaigns for elephant conservation work around the Selous Game Reserve in collaboration with WWF. Wayne developed an “intelligence-based approach” to anti-poaching that became quite successful in addressing poaching and wildlife trafficking in Tanzania. Wayne will be remembered for his dedication and passion for wildlife conservation in Africa."
Rohit Singh, WWF Wildlife Enforcement Specialist and President, Ranger Federation of Asia said:
"I am deeply saddened and shocked by the loss of Wayne Lotter, a great conservationist, a close friend and a staunch supporter of rangers. Wayne played a pivotal role in forming the Ranger Federation of Asia, an organisation established to connect and support rangers. His contribution towards rangers and wildlife will always be remembered."
He will indeed be profoundly missed but his legacy within the Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor will remain a shining example and a bastion of his determination to keep fighting for African Wildlife and especially elephants.
Our thoughts are with his wife and daughters, friends and his colleagues at PAMS Foundation
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