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WWF statement on divestment

Posted on 02 December 2015

In response to today’s announcement from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and other leaders of the global divestment movement that more than 500 institutions representing $3.4 trillion have divested from fossil fuels, WWF’s Global Climate and Energy Leader Sam Smith said:
“The global energy sector is at a crossroads – and it’s quickly moving away from fossil fuels. Investors are joining the global chorus saying enough is enough when it comes to dirty energy. Whether the motivation is economic, moral, environmental or political, burning coal and other fossil fuels no longer makes sense.
“At the same time, here in Paris we are seeing massive commitments to global investment in renewables – from the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative to the International Solar Alliance.
“The message to negotiators here in Paris is clear – the world is ready to move forward. Help show us the way.”
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