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EU market demands more green rattan products from Laos

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03 June 2013
 First green rattan products exported to EU market last year after Laos’s sustainable rattan forest management had received the world’s first rattan Forest Stewardship Council certification in 2011 with the support from WWF and Lao government and local communities in Bolikhamxay Province.

The first rattan forest certified in four villages with the area of 1,142 hectares in Khamkeut District, and this year it expanded into other two villages in the same district with the total area of 4,585 hectares.

“It means Laos is able to supply more FSC rattan products the responsible market” said Bouavanh Phachomphonh, WWF’s Sustainable Rattan Project Manager. “It is a great opportunity to help generate income to communities within the areas and entrepreneurs. It is also a pride of WWF that we can support government to receive the certification and to link local entrepreneurs to global buyers” added she.

This is the second export of green rattan baskets to Switzerland with the total amount 46,600 USD.
“This generated income – about 150 to 200USD per month during three-month of production period – villagers who worked in the supply chain in last few months” further expressed she.

Final products of rattan are ready to export to EU market
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