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Posted on 18 September 2012  | 

The purpose of the campaign is to surround the Heart of Borneo (HoB) with messages of support to preserve these precious natural resources and protect it from unsustainable development.

The social media application is designed in three languages (Bahasa Indonesia, Malay and English) and displays a series of slides containing messages to keep the Heart of Borneo as a limited area - for conservation and sustainable development only.

Messages of support from the public will be presented to the three HoB governments:  Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia and Malaysia, at an international conference later in the year.

The Campaign: Off-limits to Unsustainable Development is designed to be rolled out through social network channels to reach a wide audience.

According to Chris Greenwood, Communications Manager of the HoB Initiative, it is now the time for people to take action and show their support. 
"We now need the public to engage with the campaign and show the three HoB governments how much they care for the HoB and want them to continue taking action to preserve this precious treasure trove of biodiversity. We have the opportunity to save the Heart of Borneo from unsustainable development, and I urge people to take action and sign onto the campaign," he said.

To get involve and show your support, please click
Sir David Attemborough on saving Borneo
Sir David Attemborough
© WWF Heart of Borneo Programme Enlarge
Nadya Hutagalung on saving Borneo
Nadya Hutagalung
© WWF Heart of Borneo Programme Enlarge

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