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GFTN Newsletter - July 2012

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19 July 2012

News Highlights

Timber tracking technologies can enable responsible purchasing:
As consumer countries ramp up legal requirements for timber imports and exports, technology that can track the source of wood will play an increasingly important role in ensuring the integrity of supply chains.
Something exciting "under foot":
WWF and the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), an organization that provides technical support and training for wood flooring professionals, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enhance the efforts of both organizations to drive responsible forestry on the ground in WWF’s Priority Places. Read more


GFTN works with forest concessionaire to protect Borneo pygmy elephants:
Deep inside the Heart of Borneo, a conflict is brewing between the endangered pygmy elephants and people who live and work in the region. WWF, through GFTN, is facilitating PT. Adimitra Lestari to work towards Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification while developing a forest management practice that integrates logging with conserving the Borneo pygmy elephants’ habitat and home range. Read more

Constructing a green future for China’s real estate market:
China’s rising demand has significant implications for biodiversity and conservation. Yet there is little momentum towards responsible forestry and sustainable practices in either the private or public sectors. A new partnership between WWF-China and Vanke Group, China’s largest real estate company, has the potential to shift that course.

Talking timber tracking technologies with consultant Felix Seidel:
Tracking technologies are a relatively new phenomenon in the timber industry, but they are taking on greater importance amid legal scrutiny and a need to have more transparency in supply chains.

WWF/GFTN participates in groundbreaking FSC pilot project:
WWF-Indonesia is partaking in an innovative new project, led by FSC, to address ecosystem services. The project aims to contribute towards global efforts to preserve the world’s forests and enable forest owners, managers and communities to commit to responsible forest management.

FSC Market Survey 2011: Global awareness of FSC on the rise
Global awareness of the FSC label has increased in the last three years, according to FSC Business Value and Growth: Global Market Survey 2011. 
GFTN participant sells first FSC-Fairtrade dual labelled timber:
The first furniture to carry the dual FSC and Fairtrade label is now being sold in Germany and Austria and is made of timber sourced from Multiagro in Bolivia, a GFTN participant that sources pine of patula and
radiate species from plantations owned by Quechua communities.

Ghana’s Ayum Forest Products achieves CoC and CW certification:
Ayum Forest Products Ltd., the largest forest reserve concession holder in Ghana and a GFTN participant since 2009, has achieved FSC Chain of Custody and Controlled Wood certification for 184,690 hectares of its operations.

GFTN participant uses 100% FSC certified timber in Olympic village:
GFTN participant Lend Lease’s 2012 Athletes’ Village has become the first large-scale project ever in the UK to win a prestigious international award for sustainably sourcing all of its timber. Read more

GFTN buyers’ mission 2012: Connecting companies:
In June, GFTN organized the third annual buyers’ mission to Peru and Bolivia with the goal of helping local forest operators connect with international buyers who are committed to credible certification.

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