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CEPF investments in the Caucasus - assessment workshop

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05 November 2009
CEPF assessment workshop wrapped up five years' investment initiative in the Caucasus hotspot. The event took place in Tbilisi and brought together the most successful grantees for summing up the results of CEPF investments.
The CEPF Investment was officially launched in May 2004 and a total of $8.5 million was committed over five years for biodiversity conservation in the Caucasus Hotspot. This investment was coordinated and managed through the mutual efforts of CEPF and the WWF Caucasus PO. During the investment period, CEPF awarded 42 grants to civil society organizations.
CEPF funding succeeded in reaching civil society organizations from grassroots to the international level. This significantly increased local organizations' capacity to contribute to conservation, creating a strong foundation for future conservation initiatives in the region. Around 90 organizations were involved in the implementation of the CEPF Regional Programme with over 75 local NGOs and scientific institutions receiving CEPF grants.
Collective photo of participants.