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Previously, WWF worked to protect forest habitat in West Africa through WAFPO (the West Africa Forest Programme Office).  Since July 2014, WWF is no longer present in Ghana but has set up a cooperation agreement with the newly established NGO, the Nature and Development Foundation (NDF).  Much of their work is aligned with WWF's Global Forest Trade Network (GFTN).  NDF also focuses on the following areas:
  • Improving the environmental performance of the forest products sector in West Africa
  • Building capacity of local communities on the forest fringe
  • Forming partnerships across West Africa to promote responsible forest management
  • Influencing the developing Plantation and Wood Fuel sectors
  • Engaging Governments, communities & companies to maximize benefits through REDD+
  • Advising on land use planning


Nature and Development Foundation (NDF West Africa)

Nature and Development Foundation (NDF) c/o CAW - Centre for African Wetlands University of Ghana Zoology Department PO BOX 67 Legon Accra


+233 302 518 710

+233 302 518 709

A tree in Kakum National Park tropical rainforest, situated about 60 km from the coast of western ... rel= © Hartmut JUNGIUS / WWF

NDF seeks to help conserve the biodiversity of the Guinean Moist Forest which is one of WWF's 238 global 200 eco-regions where its conservation efforts are focused. 

NDF's current activities are targeted towards responsible forest management through WWF's Forest Sector Transformation Strategy (GFTN and NGPP) and effective Law Enforcement by participating in the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) and Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) to address the problem of illegal logging. It also focuses on improving rural livelihood while promoting sustainable forest management through various projects.

In view of NDF's interest in achieving tangible conservation targets and protection of forest resources in the Guinean Moist Forest, it welcomes partnerships that will bring additive values to its respective goals.

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