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The First International Sculptors Workshop was carried out as a public event of the Un Árbol Bolivia Project. The event took place on the Plaza of the Manzana 1 from October 21st to 28th, 2006, and was organized by WWF Bolivia, the Municipal Government of Santa Cruz de la Sierra and the Manzana 1 Art Space. See our Art Gallery

Sculptor participants:

  • Juan Bustillos - Bolivia
  • León Saavedra - Bolivia
  • Chalo Tulian - Argentina
  • Aldo Shiroma - Peru
  • Gustavo Beckelmann - Paraguay
  • Karen Macher - Peru
  • Carolina Sanjinés - Bolivia
  • Claribel Catoira - Bolivia 

The objective of this event was to use the artist's work so that the general public becomes informed, reflects and gains awareness regarding the importance of the sustainable management of forests as well as the responsible purchasing of forest products.

The artists worked in front of the public using parts of the Cariniana estrellensis that was felled for the Un Árbol Bolivia Project. The resulting sculptures will be displayed in the future forest certification walkway located on the Canal Isuto between the 3rd and 4th ring, Santa Cruz .

"We believe this was a great initiative for the city and that it undoubtedly was an experience that left many positive results", said Valia Carvalho, Un Árbol Bolivia coordinator.

The Scultpors Workshop had the support of:

  • Artecom
  • Café Lorca
  • Diakonía
  • El Chile
  • Embotelladora La Cascada
  • Empresa maderera La Chonta
  • Fridolín
  • La Creperie
  • La Rinconada
  • Pizzería Capri
  • Stihl - Hiller
  • Terramar
  • Hotel Yotaú
  • Cemento Warnes - Soboce
  • Aerosur
  • Prefectura del Departamento de Santa Cruz / Seduca
  • Hotel Los Tajibos
  • Alexander Coffee
  • D&M (Campos de Solana)
In the front, the finished sculpture of the Argentinean Chalo Tulian, and in the back, the ... 
© María Luisa HOYOS
In the front, the finished sculpture of the Argentinean Chalo Tulian, and in the back, the sculpture of the Peruvian Aldo Shiroma
© María Luisa HOYOS
This event is organized by:

One Tree Bolivia.
© One Tree Bolivia. © WWF-Bolivia