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Santa Cruz de la Sierra Municipality and WWF Bolivia have signed an agreement in 2006 where, among others, the Municipality commits to:
  • Adopt, with support from WWF Bolivia, a Responsible Purchase Policy (RPP) of forest products
  • Celebrate the adoption of this RPP designating a public site where:
    • The commitment (RPP) is publicly announced and reminded
    • The urban population gets educated regarding de forests' value
    • The city recognizes itself as "World capital of native tropical forests certification"
    • An international icon on forest certification recognition is born.
Regarding this, Santa de la Sierra Municipality has dedicated part of the Isuto Channel, with an extension of 6 ha, to the celebration of the adoption of the RPP, foreseeing to create the forest certification walkway.

Interesting facts:

  • This initiative is funded by the Gotlands Kommun and the company Forbo Flooring through WWF Sweden and Sweden Forest and Trade Network (FTN)
  • The space planning was done until August, 2006
  • The master plan for this walkway is finished, considering 3 modules, the first of which already has a final design and is expected to be complete in 2007. Fernández de Córdoba y Roda, well known local architects and constructors, have generously dedicated their time to this project.
  • Companies and communities with forest certification will be invited to sum up resources for the implementation of the design
  • The Municipality will also contribute financially through their Planning, Public Ornament, Parks and Gardens Offices
  • Companies will be invited to contribute to the project by maintaining the walkway permanently.
  • The design regards:
    • The exclusive use of certified wood produced in Santa Cruz
    • The possibility of using different species and providers
    • The need to involve producing communities
    • The location of the sculptures from the I International Sculptors Workshop.
    • Arborisation with native forest species
    • Gardening
    • Wooden elements such as pergolas, interactive games, decks, a sculptures yard, shelters and walkways
    • Permanent and temporary educational elements
    • Visible recognition to the supporters
In Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, the Isuto Channel, between third and fourth ring, has been ... 
© WWF / Mónica VARGAS
In Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, the Isuto Channel, between third and fourth ring, has been assigned by the Municipal Government as the area to create the forest certification walkway.
© WWF / Mónica VARGAS


"This is in deed a worthy celebration! Bolivia as the worldwide leader in FSC tropical native forests certification, Santa Cruz as the one of Bolivia's nine departments with the most FSC certified forests, gives the Municipality the argument and inspiration to self-recognize Santa Cruz de la Sierra as "World capital of certified tropical forests". And what better way to celebrate this and make it public, than by creating this forest certification walkway?"

Roger Landivar, WWF Bolivia Country Representative

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