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Stand at the 4th Bolivian Tropical Forest Trade Fair, Expoforest, in March, 2006, publicly launching the Un Árbol Bolivia Project.
With the objective of sensitizing the population regarding the importance of sound forest management, WWF - the global conservation organization - launched within the 4th Natural Forest and Industry Fair, 2006 Expoforest, its Un Árbol Bolivia Project, with many visitors.
This Project encompasses the work of 66 creators from all over Bolivia (the most representative Bolivian artists, designers, architects, craftsmen, companies and institutions), who used just one tree, from its top to its roots, including the main trunk, benches, leaves, roots, fruit, flowers, resin, etc. This tree was harvested from a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forest. After the creation process, the art pieces will be presented at the 2007 Expoforest (March 2007) for over 2 weeks. 

"Un Árbol Bolivia is an experience which integrates art, wood industry and forest conservation", explained Valia Carvalho , project coordinator. "It is also a great tool to let people know about the importance of responsible forest management in an attractive, participatory, accessible and massive manner".

Studies show that from a harvested tree only 35% is used, and the rest is thrown out. Un Árbol Bolivia seeks to demonstrate how to use a tree to its maximum, which also responds to management under sustainability criteria.

"When I travel through Bolivian roads I'm impressed to see the diameter of the trunks on the trucks, and I wonder how long it took the trees to get that big", said Beatriz Oggero, plastic and textile artist, expert in natural dyes.

"Being a part of Un Árbol allows me to explore wood's manifestations to sensitize the audience on what we do with natural resources during our lives."

Expoforest 2007 (March 21st to 24th)

150 functional and art pieces will be officially presented at this specialized exhibition and trade fair in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The 66 participating artists will be present, as well as the creators of the first One Tree Project in the UK.

During two weeks the exhibition will be open to the general public, and WWF will specially emphasize on arranging school visits for environmental education purposes.

Also, the 150 pieces will be for sale, and the profits are planned to be invested in environmental education activities in the Guarayos (Santa Cruz) indigenous communal land, area where the tree for this project was harvested from an FSC certified concession.

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