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WWF Bolivia's Forestry Programme, under its Cities for Forests initiative, is promoting the Un Árbol Bolivia Project as an educational campaign, publically dissemminating the artistic work of 66 artists (the most representative designers, architects, businesses and institutions at national level), who created artistic and functional pieces through the use of an entire tree harvested from a sustainable forest operation under FSC certification.

Un Árbol Bolivia also promotes reflecting upon the importance of good forest management and the interaction forests have with men, ranging from the communities to the transformation companies. The Un Árbol Bolivia Project also directs attention to the vast richness that is found in forests in general and the potential they represent for the country’s development.
<i>Cariniana estrellensis</i> tree about to be felled for Un Árbol Bolivia Project, ... 
Cariniana estrellensis tree about to be felled for Un Árbol Bolivia Project, May, 2006.
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