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Cities for Forests initiative aims to take advantage of the power that institutions with environmental impact and public and private businesses have: responsible buying power.

Responsible forest products buying is an opportunity for businesses and institutions to get actively involved in maintaining life quality and environmental services that forests offer, acquiring wood coming from good forest management practices (environmentally correct, economically sustainable and socially equitable).

For that, WWF/FTN looks for Bolivian businesses and institutions to join the Cities for Forests initiative and thus adopt a responsible buying policy that promotes the acquisition of legal wood products, coming from forests under good management and/or certified forests, according to the availability of supply in the market.

Cities for Forests aims to EDUCATE
  • Linking policies and existing mechanisms at a legal, environmental and administrative level, in favor of the conservation of forests
  • Demonstrating that businesses are compatible with the environment
  • Using the power of demand to offer a differentiated supply
  • Creating conscience in society about the need to promote sustainable businesses
  • Bringing cities and forests closer together
  • Reducing the illegal commerce of wood and the impact on environment
Cities for Forests promotes:
  • The acknowledgement of the diverse supply sources of raw materials for wood products that exist in the market
  • Gradual increase of the consumption of wood products coming from legal and sustainable sources
  • Leadership of businesses and institution that adopt a responsible buying policy of forest products
  • The link with the responsible supply of forest products coming from forests under management and/or certified