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Under the Management component, the WWF Bolivia Forest Program works towards strengthening the capacities of the communities. This is done by focusing primarily on the indigenous forest organizations so that they can consolidate themselves as community forest enterprises and efficiently and sustainably respond to the national market demand while at the same time covering the needs that have been prioritized in the General Plan for Forest Management for the beneficiary communities. For this, the experiences and tools regarding forest management from the WWF Network in Latin America and the Caribbean are used.
WWF Bolivia supports a focus regarding the producer-buyer productive chain in a mid term relationship that allows to position the community enterprise in the market and ensure the sustainability of raw material to the buyer through a mutually beneficial liaison. 

WWF Bolivia's work concentrates on the development of community forest enterprise pilot management models by promoting:

  • Strengthening and construction of local capacities in business and production management
  • Development and implementation of simple tools for the control of production and costs of forest management
  • Technical assistance in forest management oriented towards achieving independent certification through the Step Wise Approach
  • Social control of the productive units guaranteeing an understanding and transparency in forest management
  • Exchange of experiences in community forest management at the national and international level
  • Increase in the added value in the production, sale and commercialization of forest products
  • Others
Trunks being processed at La Chonta timber company (member of Bolivia FTN - Forest and Trade ... 
Trunks being processed at La Chonta timber company (member of Bolivia FTN - Forest and Trade Network).