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What is Climate Change?

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The current climate will change in coming years at a greater pace due to man’s actions. We are seeing it every day; there is an increase in extreme meteorological phenomena, more catastrophes such as: hurricanes, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, intense storms, floods, etc.

For some time now, scientists have been warning us, but it seems that governments have only recently become interested, as the economy is now affected and because these catastrophes take more human victims each time. Every day the media provides greater coverage to meteorological phenomena. It is, without a doubt, a topic of great interest and of current relevance.

Climate change is a reality that is manifesting itself at greater speed and strength than previously thought, and whose consequences are beginning to be felt in the form of droughts, floods, etc., especially in developing countries. (Source:


Climate change is potentially the greatest threat to biodiversity in the next decades. Although initial signs of climate change have been regarding glaciers and coastal ecosystems, forests and wetlands will also severely and prematurely be affected.