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Project Description: 
Project is aimed to create model national parks in Azerbaijan, with good governance and efficient management, which can be replicated in other parts of the country, and across the region. It is planned to do this through improving capacity of park personnel, establishing partnership with successful national parks in Georgia, implementing sustainable tourism development strategies, and creating social and economic opportunities for communities on the periphery of protected areas.

To create in Azerbaijan two model national parks in line with key international criteria promoting good governance, improved management of natural recourses, development of sustainable tourism, and involvement of local business partners.

Expected results:
RESULT 1. Improve capacity of national park personnel: Building the capacity of the park personnel, Involvement of international experts to conduct the gap analysis and elaborate a comprehensive training program for park personnel; organize in-service training course delivered by local lecturers from universities according to developed training modules.
RESULT 2. Establish strategic partnership with successful national parks in Georgia: The most appropriate national parks for cooperation with Shirvan and Shahdag National Parks identified in Georgia according to criteria such as similarity of landscapes, compatibility of long-term vision and management programs etc. and every year exchange programs study tours for park managers organized.
RESULT 3. Implement sustainable tourism development strategy in national parks: Based on analysis of resources, in partnership with tour operators and based on market information, the integrated and marketable tourism products identified and a tourism portfolio designed for each national park.
RESULT 4. Create social and economic opportunities for local communities: In addition to tourism product development, Shirvan and Shahdag National Parks will get relevant support services for visitors attracted to the park. The services such as bed and breakfast and small traditional style hotels, guiding services and activity products such as trekking, horse riding, cycling, etc. are most attractive to the travelers.



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Funding Organization(s) / Donor(s):
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, WWF Norway

Geographical Scope:
Shirvan and Shahdag National Parks and surrounding areas, Azerbaijan Republic 

Duration: 2013 – 2016