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WWF believes that business, trade and industry have a crucial role to play in supporting conservation efforts and promoting greater environmental responsibility for our planet.

WWF strives to build environmental awareness by working with businesses to help improve their environmental performance, as well as boost their economic bottom line.

Governed by the principle Good for the Earth, Good for Business, WWF Armenia is committed to partnering with companies who wish to look towards relationships involving:
  • Licensing (see details below)
  • Corporate Sponsorship of WWF initiatives (see details below)
  • In-kind Donations (see details below)
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Ms. Hermine Hakobyan
Partnership and Communications Manager
Tel: +374 10 54 61 56 (ext. 14)


Licensing is granting the use of the WWF name and logo in terms of product or service promotion. This is an ideal opportunity for the companies and their trademarks to be positioned with the WWF brand. By linking your brand with the powerful WWF Panda brand, companies add value to their company profile and strengthen their brand image.

Companies with a proven track record of corporate environmental responsibility and whose products are manufactured using environmentally friendly practices and materials may be eligible to apply for a licensing agreement.

For more information on WWF licensing as well as examples with WWF Russia, please click here:  In Russian

Corporate Sponsorship

Every year WWF Armenia initiates and holds different campaigns tailored to raise general public awareness around wildlife conservation issues in the country.

There is a great potential for the corporate sector to co-operate with WWF Armenia for developing partnerships that can lead to mutual benefits, not only for conservation but also in terms of marketing and communications.

Companies can sponsor conservation work of WWF in particular areas of wildlife protection. They can finance the publication of WWF annual reports, brochures and other materials. Gaining media outlets as information sponsors can help provide free air-time and space for coverage of WWF Armenia activities.

In-Kind Donations

Fifty-three percent of the WWF network revenues come from individual contributions. WWF Armenia also welcomes all kinds of support to help deliver on its mission. Individuals or companies can contribute financial support or gifts-in-kind as well as help organize donations activities for WWF Armenia to further its conservation work.