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Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina is a partner organisation of WWF since 1988. It's mission is to promote conservation of biodiversity and natural resources in Argentine and  reverse unsustainable consumption patterns. together with WWF, we conduct joint campaigns, exchange information and act together to implement conservation programmes and projects.

FVS has offices located in Buenos Aires, Puerto Iguazú, and Mar del Plata.

Founded: 1977

Office Address

Fundacion Vida Silvestre,
Buenos Aires

Fundacion Vida Silvestre Defensa 251 - 6 Piso K\1065 Capital Federal Buenos Aires\"\""\"""""


+54 11 4343 4086

+54 11 4331 3631

Conservation News concerning Argentina
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14 Jan 2014

The invisibility of soy on supermarket shelves masks the major contribution that it makes to ...

17 Jun 2011

The Roundtable on Responsible Soy (RTRS) concluded its annual conference on Thursday with a note of ...

27 Mar 2011

As the lights come back on in the Cook Islands, the 134th country to celebrate Earth Hour 2011 – a ...

27 Oct 2010

 WWF today awarded one of its highest accolades – Leaders for a Living Planet (LLP) – to ...

17 Sep 2010

The Argentinean province of Misiones has approved a major new land use law for native forests in ...

20 Oct 2009

Argentina and Paraguay on Tuesday made a historic pledge to save one of the world’s most threatened ...

26 May 2009

Declaration of the high Andes home to two of the three species of Andean flamingos marks WWF’s ...

06 Apr 2009

New evidence from the North and South Poles indicates that time is running out for the world’s ...

02 Apr 2009

WWF International Director General James Leape and others have signed an open letter addressed to ...

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