Achieving conservation success is almost always the result of the actions and inspiration of one or more individuals who choose to make a personal difference and inspire others to join them.
"These individuals are making a difference, not only by their actions in helping achieve something important for the planet – but by their example and by inspiring others to also make a difference. They can be catalysts beyond even their own expectations – which is the purpose of recognizing their efforts. WWF believes that it is these ambitious, cooperative and inspirational actions which, when aggregated together, can halt the destruction of the natural world and build a future where people live in harmony with nature.”

Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International

Through a range of awards, WWF seeks to recognize the individuals who make a significant personal contribution to the conservation of the natural world and sustainable development. WWF publicly celebrates these individuals and their achievements to profile their environmental leadership and the inspiring example they show to others.

When added together, multiplied and magnified, these actions make a major contribution to secure the status of our living world ─ for current and future generations.

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