The Sign In section is closed - what happened to my credentials?

Nothing, they are safe and sound.

We are renovating some parts of our website to enhance your online experiece with us. Make it better and bigger.

Your log in credentials and your Panda Passport points are stored and you will have access to them again when we reopen the section.

Stay tuned and you'll be in for great surprises.

In the meanwhile - if you have some more specific questions this may help:

I've seen something I don't like - how do I report it?

If it is a comment on a page, you flag this as inappropriate using the link next to each comment that is shown. We are alerted to every comment that is marked as offensive.

I've got a great idea for making the site better, what do I do?

We love feedback. Seriously. So please let us know what you like on the site, what you hate, and how you think we can make it better. The more feedback we get the better the site will be and the greater the chance we have of making a real difference in protecting our one and only planet.

Any other questions?

If your question is not answered here, send us a message using this form.

When writing, make sure you fill in your email address so we can respond to you.