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16 Jan 2023

WWF is today launching a new tool, the Biodiversity Risk Filter (BRF) for companies and financial ...

25 Nov 2022

WWF calls for urgency in implementation of decisions

18 Nov 2022

Habitat destruction and fragmentation remain the primary threats to biodiversity and as little as ...

10 Nov 2022

From trees to sharks – decisions to tackle the illegal and unsustainable trade in wild animals and ...

22 Aug 2022

Black and white rhinos show differing trends as illegal trafficking remains a major threat

09 Aug 2022

WWF Japan has launched a Social and Behaviour Change (SBC) campaign aiming to discourage consumers ...

16 Jun 2022

On World Sea Turtle Day, WWF calls on governments, research institutions, NGOs and individuals to ...

01 Jun 2022

WWF has launched a new report to help businesses in addressing the biodiversity crisis.

16 May 2022

International Maritime Organization adopts new guidelines to combat wildlife smuggling: Global ...

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