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© WWF/Marianne Fish

Where are the hawksbills going?

Movements of the six tagged hawksbills (March 2009)

Paulina - distance traveled: 1229 km

Paulina © WWF
Paulina was the first turtle to be tagged but unfortunately she stopped transmitting at the beginning of October. Although we will never know exactly where she was going, it looks like she may have been heading in the same direction as Adamanay.

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Adamanay - distance traveled: 2762 km

Adamanay © WWF
Adamanay has settled at a foraging area near the Miskito Cays, an area of islands, islets and reefs off the coast of Nicaragua. One of the earliest turtles to be tagged, Adamanay headed southwest from the Dominican Republic and has been in the cays since early November.

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Blanquita Turbi - distance traveled: 874 km

Blanquita Turbi © WWF
Blanquita Turbi headed west and stopped off around Jaragua National Park, where she has stayed for the last three months. This area of the Dominican Republic is also home to Blanco, the project field assistant who Blanquita is named after!

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Yovalina - distance traveled: 853 km

Yovalina © WWF
Yovalina is still in the Dominican Republic but has moved west from Saona Island to an area near Las Calderas in the Peravia region.

Yvonne - distance traveled: 1356 km

Yvonne © WWF
Yvonne has taken a different route to the other turtles and headed north. After spending a couple of months in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Yvonne has headed up to the Bahamas.

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Mirabal - distance traveled: 248 km

Mirabal © WWF
Mirabal is the latest, and last, turtle to be tagged in the Dominican Republic and she started her journey a bit differently from the other turtles by heading east. She passed south of Isla Mona, an important regional sea turtle nesting area, at the beginning of January and seemed to be heading towards Puerto Rico when, unfortunately, she stopped transmitting.

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