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Don't know where to start with getting to grips with climate change? WWF LAC is working to build capacity for conservationists, coastal managers, researchers and decision‐makers to incorporate climate adaptation into projects, planning and management.


Moving forward with climate smart conservation

The aim of the workshops is to build capacity to incorporate climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation action into ongoing conservation projects, focusing on coastal and marine areas used by marine turtles


During a three day workshop, we:
  • examine climate change-related threats to marine turtles and coastal/marine habitats
  • identify and explore tools for monitoring, assessing vulnerability and selecting and prioritizing adaptation measures
  • explore the challenge of communicating climate change
  • secure collaboration and support in addressing climate change

Participants come away with the knowledge and tools they need to start addressing the impacts of climate change, with ongoing support from a growing network of adaptation practitioners. If you are interested in organizing or taking part in a workshop, please contact Marianne Fish (

Training materials

If you are interested in holding your own workshop, presentations and training materials are available to help you get started.


Information about upcoming webinars related to climate change and marine turtles will be posted here.