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Birds come in many shapes, sizes, and colours. From the tiny hovering hummingbird, to the giant emus sprinting across the desert plains of Australia's outback, the exhilarating penguins "flying" through frigid waters to catch fish, and the great albatross that fly incredible distances across the oceans.

Many bird species around the world are threatened by habitat loss, climate change, fisheries bycatch, the illegal wildlife trade and a host of other threats.



What is WWF doing to protect birds?
WWF projects in over 100 offices around the world, work to address the many issues that threaten bird species.
These efforts include increasing the amount of protected areas to limit habitat loss, seeking strong international laws that reduce the illegal bird trade, and constantly working to build awareness about the incredible diversity of bird species and the importance of protecting them.

Some WWF projects that focus on bird conservation:

Species profiles: