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Cerrado, Brazil

The Cerrado is home to 5 per cent of the world’s biodiversity, including iconic species like the jaguar, maned wolf, tapir, giant anteater and giant armadillo. It provides nearly half of all Brazil’s water and is a vital carbon store – keeping warming gases out of the atmosphere and helping to limit global warming.

Over 30 million Brazilians, including indigenous, Quilombola and other traditional communities, live in the Cerrado.

However, half of the Cerrado’s original vegetation has already been destroyed, primarily to make way for crop and cattle farming.

The remaining nature must be protected and degraded pastures restored, both for nature and for food production. At the same time, agricultural areas need to be sustainably managed to ensure global food security doesn't suffer, livelihoods can grow and nature can thrive. WWF is working across the food supply chain, in both Brazil and consumption countries, to save the Cerrado.

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