1 Sep 2016: Global energy transition is underway and ready for G20 acceleration on action

27 May 2016: WWF statement on the close of G7 meeting in Japan

26 May 2016: Bonn climate talks show progress, but sense of urgency needed

24 May 2016: "Under the Rug" report reveals G7 nations financed $42 billion in coal development worldwide, contradicting climate goals

24 May 2016: Greater Mekong region can reach 100% renewable and sustainable energy by 2050, according to new WWF study

11 May 2016: What the world needs now for climate action: specifics, directions and scale

22 April 2016: Climate deal signing opens a new era for action

20 April 2016: New report: why a joined-up approach to climate and development will define success of Paris Agreement

18 April 2016: Time to make Paris agreement a reality

14 April 2016: Even 'most efficient' coal puts global climate goals out of reach - report

12 April 2016: Japan's leading food sector company outpaces competitors in climate actions and impact

16 March 2016: Carbon pollution from fossil fuels stalls, renewables rise

12 December 2015: Governments set course for ambitious action on climate change; more immediate steps needed

12 December 2015: WWF statement on COP21 draft final agreement

11 December 2015: WWF statement on latest COP21 negotiating text

9 December 2015: WWF statement on latest COP21 negotiating text

8 December 2015: 114 companies commit to setting ambitious science-based emissions reduction targets, surpassing goal

7 December 2015: Energy transition on the fast track

7 December 2015: Uganda could go almost 100% renewable by 2050 - new report

7 December 2015: WWF statement on opening of high level segment of UN COP21 climate talks

5 December 2015: WWF statement on week one of COP21 negotiations

3 December 2015: WWF statement on latest COP21 negotiating text

2 December 2015: WWF statement on $3.4 trillion divestment

Response from WWF's Samantha Smith to global divestment news. 

2 December 2015: China can meet key climate commitments: WWF Report

1 December 2015: World leaders must match words with action on loss and damage as climate talks get serious

1 December 2015: Africa launches massive renewable energy initiative 
African heads of state today announced plans for a gigantic renewable energy initiative. 

30 November 2015: WWF statement on day 1 of UN COP21 climate summit
WWF Global Climate and Energy Initiative leader Samantha Smith issued the following statement. 

26 November 2015: More than 100 CEOs call for urgent action from governments, investors and business
Ahead of climate talks in Paris next week, enterpreneurs have issued a call for action on climate change.

25 November 2015: Walking for Parisians and the climate
Digital device will connect those who can't march with those who can carry the message on their behalf. 

24 November 2015: World on brink of global climate deal
Next week, world leaders will meet in Paris where a global climate deal is expected to be agreed. 

19 November 2015: Impact of climate change on global food supply chains starting to be visible - WWF report
Consumers will feel the harsh impacts of climate change not only in the climate around them, but also in their supermarkets. 

18 November 2015: WWF statement on COP21 mobilisations
Statement from WWF in response to the decision to cancel climate mobilisations in France. 

18 November 2015: OECD deal nails global coal plant pipeline

OECD countries' decision to limit public export finance for coal-fired plants is insufficient. 

16 November 2015: WWF statement on G20 Leaders Summit
Response to G20 Leaders Communiqué from the G20 Leaders Summit in Antalya, Turkey. 

10 November 2015: Energy transition will falter if country climate pledges are not increased
There are unmistakeable signs that the world is heading into a global energy transition but despite this, the projected growth of renewables as a percentage of all energy supply investments is still only 15 per cent in the next 25 years. 

6 November 2015: Immediate climate action is the key to reducing the emissions gap
The need to scale up climate actions immediately is underscored by the findings of a new report released by the UN Environment Programme. 

30 October 2015: Country climate pledges a starting point; much more needed to tackle gaps in climate action
The UNFCCC has released a landmark Synthesis report on member countries' climate pledges, setting out their aggregate effect.

28 October 2015: Leading global entrepreneurs join the call for climate action
Ahead of historic climate talks in Paris this December, entrepreneurs from innovative cleantech companies have issued a call for governments. 

23 October 2015: Climate baton passes to world leaders
As the UN climate talks concluded in Bonn, the baton passes to political leaders to resolve key issues standing in the way of finalising a new global climate deal. 

21 October 2015: Coal is choking and RE growing says new WWF report
​​Globally, coal mining companies are on the edge of financial abyss, according to a new report released by WWF. 

19 October 2015: New report: much more needed to tackle gaps in climate action
Current climate pledges fall short of science

19 October 2015: Nuevo informe: Se necesitan más acciones para cerrar la brecha de emisiones

Los compromisos de 140 países para hacerle frente al cambio climático (que representan más del 87% de las emisiones globales de gases de efecto invernadero) son insuficientes para evadir los peores efectos del cambio climático, según un estudio independiente publicado por diferentes grupos de la sociedad civil.

19 October 2015: Civil society publishes review of national climate targets 
Step-change needed to get a Paris agreement that's ambitious and fair.

18 October 2015: Countdown to historic climate meeting in Paris
Climate negotiators meet in Bonn for a final round of discussions before a historic meeting in Paris

10 October 2015: Climate finance pledges increase, much more still needed
Finance ministers of developed countries have signalled that they are progressing towards their commitment. 

28 September 2015: WWF responds to Brazil's plans to reduce emissions
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced the country's climate plan. 

25 September 2015: WWF responds to announcement by US/China on new climate change action
The US and China announced a series of new measures on climate change. These are in addition to the measures annouced last year. 

25 September 2015: Leading companies elevate their climate goals in response to science
More and more companies are setting ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets that align with climate science. 

4 September 2015, WWF PR: WWF: UN climate negotiators need to roll up their sleeves to deliver a new global climate deal in Paris
Plans by governments to conclude a new global climate deal in December are under pressure as discussions in Bonn moved along at a snail's pace. 

26 August 2015, WWF PR: Latin America's first Topten energy efficiency platform launches with support from WWF
A new platform to enable consumers to make energy-smart choices launched today in Chile, the first in Latin America. 

21 August 2015, WWF PR: WWF-South Africa: Government's draft climate plan needs targets that see emissions fall faster and more sharply
South Africa's draft climate plan - due to be submitted to the UN before October in preparation for a new global climate deal - needs to be much more ambitious and set targets that would see emissions fall faster and more sharply. 

18 August 2015, WWF PR: Islamic Declaration boosts moral arguments to act on climate change
Islamic leaders and scholars have today issued an Islamic Declaration on Climate Change. 

13 July 2015, WWF PR: Conférence internationale d’Addis-Abeba: quel financement pour un développement durable?
La Conférence internationale sur le financement du développement, qui aura lieu à Addis-Abeba du 13 au 16 juillet prochains, sera cruciale pour démontrer les efforts pour passer d’une économie mondiale à un développement durable.

13 July 2015, WWF PR: People and the planet need strong action from UN financing conference
Efforts to shift the global economy toward sustainable development will face a crucial test this week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

30 June 2015, WWF PR: Climate change: Brazil-US agreement goes in the right direction, but at the wrong speed. 
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and US President Barack Obama announced a cooperation between the two countries to address the challenges posed by climate change. 

30 June 2015, WWF PR: China's climate plan sends positive signal ahead of global deal
China's new climate plan confirmed that the country will peak its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. 

18 June 2015, WWF PR: Encyclique du Pape François: Déclaration de Yolanda Kakabadse, présidente du WWF 
Le message du Pape François offre au débat sur le changement climatique une portée morale dont nous avions besoin.

18 June 2015, WWF PR: Encyclical adds moral arguments to act on climate change
Pope Francis has released the Encyclical 'Praise Be: On the Care of our Common Home.' This is a statement from WWF President Yolanda Kakabadse reacting to the announcement. 

18 June 2015, WWF PR: REN21 report shows record year for renewables ahead of Paris climate talks
Renewable energy targets and policies saw solar, wind and other renewable technologies grow to record-breaking energy generation capacity last year, according to a report by REN21. 

15 June 2015, WWF PR: IEA: Pledges for climate negotiations not yet enough, governments must increase ambition. 
New climate plans proposed by large energy-using countries will see the world's carbon budget depleted in just 25 years. 

11 June 2015, WWF PR: UN talks inch closer to a deal
UN negotiations concluded in Bonn today with slow but steady progress on a new climate agreement. 

11 June 2015, WWF PR: Climate talks need to speed up and mind the gap
UN Climate talks need to speed up and start addressing the difficult issues like finance and emissions cuts, ensuring that the outcomes will match what scientists tell us is necessary to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. 

08 June 2015, WWF PR: G7: More than expected, too little for the planet
In a critical year for climate change, the G7 meeting ended today with important political signals but few concrete commitments from the countries themselves. 

05 June 2015, PR: Climate expectations raised after Norwegian coal divestment
Norway's decision to divest its sovereign wealth fund from coal adds momentum to the growing global movement for climate action.

05 June 2015, WWF PR: G7 must support climate and the ocean while leading the way on sustainable development
Leaders attending an upcoming meeting of the world's most advanced economies need to take action to spare communities from the worst impacts of climate change. 

02 June 2015, WWF PR: New report highlights how countries can close the emissions gap now
WWF‟s latest report on climate change Crossing the Divide: How to Reduce the Emissions Abyss 2 shows how key countries can begin work now to close the „emissions gap‟– the gap between promised carbon reductions and what science tells us is needed. The countries featured in the report are mainly middle income and oil-rich countries, including Philippines, Kenya, Turkey, Colombia, Pakistan, UAE, Russia, Poland and the UK.

1 June 2015, WWF PR: Rich countries sweep billions in public finance for coal under the run as climate deadlines loom
Over the last 8 years, governments have channeled more than US$73 billion of public money into coal projects, says research released today. 

28 May 2015, WWF PR: World's richest sovereign wealth fund to divest from coal
Norway's sovereign wealth fund - the world's richest at US$900bn - will be instructed to divest from companies with more than 30 per cent of their income from coal extraction or coal power, according to a decision from the Norwegian Parliament's Finance Committee yesterday. 

27 May 2015, WWF PR: What negotiators must do in Bonn to ensure success in Paris
Negotiators from more than 190 countries will gather in Bonn next week to thrash out the basis for a new global climate agreement in Paris at the end of the year. 

20 May 2015, WWF PR: Response to IRENA Renewable Energy and Jobs report
WWF issued the following statement in reaction to the IRENA 'Renewable Energy and Jobs Review 2015 report.

7 May 2015, WWF PR: Corporate leadership moving to match climate science; now need governments to do their part
WWF's flagship business programme Climate Savers is marking 15 years of corporate leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by introducing a new measuring standard, reflecting the global shift in the role of business in fighting climate change. 

4 May 2015, WWF PR: Multinational companies meet for climate action
At a conference on May 5-7 around 30 global companies will meet to take the next steps in their work towards a low-carbon economy.

25 April 2015, WWF PR: Japanese energy plan for 2030 "nuclear, nuclear, and coal"
Japan will have to extend the lives of its nuclear reactors as well as rely heavily on cola, the dirtiest fossil fuel, as its main sources of energy, whcih will result in a weak 17 per cent emissions reduction target (compared to 1990 levels) in its proposed new climate targets. 

​10 April 2015, WWF PR: Norway wastes another opportunity for financial leadership
The recommendation announced today by Norway that its sovereign wealth fund - the world's largest - should not divest from coal fails expectations and could drive investments in fossil fuels rather than renewables. 

10 April 2015, WWF PR: Japan's proposed GHG emissions targets 'concerning'
Statement by Samantha Smith, Leader of WWF's Global Climate and Energy Initiative, reacting to media reports indicating Japan's planned emissions reduction targets. 

31 March 2015, WWF PR: WWF reacts to Russia's climate plan
WWF International issued the following statement in reaction to the submission of the Russian climate plan to the UN today.

31 March 2015, WWF PR: WWF reacts to the USA's climate plan
WWF International issued the following statement in reaction to the submission of the US climate plan to the UN today. 

30 March 2015 WWF PR, WWF PR: Inclusion of adaption in Mexico's climate commitment, sets the pace - WWF
Last Friday, Mexico became the first developing country to formally submit its post 2020 climate change plans to the UN. 

19 March 2015, WWF PR: Record ice low could quicken Arctic thaw
Arctic sea ice shrank to the lowest winter extent ever recorded, according to an announcement by the US-based National Snow and Ice Data Center.

17 February 2015, WWF PR: Companies key to reduce China’s GHG emissions
Beijing, China, 17 February 2015 – Chinese companies will need to reduce direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of their operations by up to 2.7 percent a year if China is to stay on track with the level of action required to keep global warming well below 2 degrees celsius. The electricity sector will need to show a decline of about 8 percent a year, according to a new report released by WWF-China and Ecofys.

13 February 2015, WWF PR: Good progress in Geneva, but hard work still ahead
While an extraordinary mood prevailed at the UN climate negotiations in Geneva this week, the hard work is yet to begin.  

12 February 2015, WWF PR: New report brings pre-2020 actions into sharp focus
As UN climate negotiators in Geneva focus on emissions reductions in the pre-2020 period, a new WWF report outlines the immediate mitigation measures that can be taken in 10 countries. 

5 February 2015, WWF PR: UN climate talks require business unusual
Negotiators meeting at an upcoming round of climate talks need to adopt a business unusual approach in order to deliver the draft of a new global climate deal. 

23 January 2015, WWF PR: Five outstanding Chinese technologies appointed as 2015 WWF Climate Solver winners
Five Chinese companies with innovative technologies were today announced as the winners of WWF-China's third annual Climate Solver Award. 

20 January 2015, WWF PR: Norway to allow risky Arctic drilling
Norway's government is defying its own scientific advisory bodies and allowing oild drilling in the Barents Sea, north of Norway. 

14 December 2014, WWF PR: UN climate talks fail to deliver progress despite hottest year on record
WWF issued the following statement from Samantha Smith, Leader of WWF's Global Climate and Energy Initiative at the close of the UN climate talks in Lima, Peru.

14 December 2014, WWF PR: More work needed, but positive steps for REDD+ as UN climate meeting concludes
While negotiators took a pass on finalizing the remaining elements of an international mechanism to reduce emissions from tropical deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) – the second largest source of emissions that cause climate change – at the recently concluded UN climate change meeting in Lima, there were a number positive advances during the conference.

12 December 2014, WWF PR: Last day in Lima - mixed bag of good, bad and good enough
WWF today issued the following statement from Tasneem Essop, WWF's Head of Delegation, about the latest state of play at the UN climate talks in Lima.

11 December 2014, WWF PR: Colombia, Guyana, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico share forest data for establishing reference emission levels
Earlier this week at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meeting, Guyana, Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico submitted forest reference emission levels for technical assessment in the context of results-based payments for reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD+) to the UNFCCC.

11 December 2014, WWF PR: WWF responds to statements by Kerry at COP 20
WWF today responded to the statement made by US Secretary of State John Kerry at COP 20 in Lima, Peru.

10 December 2014, WWF PR: Forest countries call for international collaboration to achieve emissions reductions
14 countries announced the "Lima Challenge" at the UN climate talks in Lima, Peru.

9 December 2014, WWF PR: Latin America a hotspot for renewable energy development
Success stories from seven countries in Latin America and the Caribbean prove that the region is positioned to lead the sustainable energy revolution, according to a WWF report presented alongside UN climate talks in Lima, Peru. 

8 December 2014, WWF PR: COICA and WWF present concept and implementation of Amazon Indigenous REDD+
COICA (the Coordination of Indigenous Organizations in the Amazon), WWF (through its Living Amazon Initiative and Amazon and German national offices) and the German government (through the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety - BMUB) will announce the launch a new initiative, ‘Including Key Elements of Amazon Indigenous REDD+ in Regional and National Climate Change Strategies’.

8 December 2014, WWF PR: WWF statement on draft negotiating text released today in Lima
WWF today released the following statement from Tasneem Essop, WWF's Head of Delegation to the UNFCCC, on the latest draft negotiating text released today at the UN climate talks in Lima. 

7 December 2014, WWF PR: REDD+ progress stalls at UN climate change meeting
Negotiators took a pass on finalizing the two pending elements of an international mechanism to reduce emissions from tropical deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) – the second largest source of emissions that cause climate change – at the UN climate change meeting in Lima.

6 December 2014, WWF PR: WWF mid-session review of progress at COP 20
WWF issued the following statement by Tasneem Essop, WWF's Head of Delegation to the UNFCCC on the state of the UN climate talks in Peru. 

5 December 2014, WWF PR: WWF responds to the release of UNEP's Adaptation Gap report
WWF issued the following statements in reaction to the UNEP's Adaptation Gap report. 

3 December 2014, WWF PR: Germany's climate action program builds on thin ice
The German governmnent today laid out its action program for climate protection with which it wants to fill the gap to its 40% greenhouse gas emissions reduction target up to 2020. 

3 December 2014, WWF PR: UNFCCC Observers insist on rules for climate finance
Observers at UN Climate talks in Lima have called for strong and clear rules relating to climate finance.

1 December 2014, WWF PR: WWF calls on delegates at global climate meeting to ‘guarantee inclusion of forest sector in new climate regime’
Thousands of delegates and observers to the 20th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change today begin negotiations needed for a global climate agreement next year at COP21 in Paris. WWF is calling on negotiators to finalize the remaining key elements of an international mechanism to reduce emissions from tropical deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) and to guarantee the inclusion of the forest sector in the new climate regime in 2015.

24 November 2014, WWF PR: Lima to test political will for global climate deal
UN climate talks opening in Lima on 1 December will be pivotal for the political will needed to craft a new global climate deal.

20 November 2014, WWF PR: New Green Climate Fund pledges increases political momentum for new global climate agreement
The additional US$1.8 billion pledged by countries to the Green Climate Fund adds to the growing political momentum for a new climate agreement to be concluded in Paris 2015. 

19 November 2014, WWF PR: WWF responds to the release of UNEP Emissions Gap report 2014
The UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) released its annual Emissions Gap report. Samantha Smith, leader of WWF's Global Climate and Energy Initiative, responds. 

16 November 2014, WWF PR: Brisbane G20 becomes 'defacto' climate change summit
Despite Australia's refusal to put climate change on the official agenda, it has been the defining issue of the Brisbane G20, WWF said. 

12 November 2014, WWF PR: IEA's forecast on energy politics puts world at high risk of runaway global warming
Unless global energy politics change substantially and quickly, the world will remain at high risk of global warming of at least 3.6 degrees Celsius, according to the International Energy Agency's (IEA) World Energy Outlook Report 2014.

12 November 2014, WWF PR: China, US send powerful signal to global climate talks
Today's announcement by the world's two biggest carbon emitters -- China and the US -- of new emissions reduction targets sends a powerful political signal: there will be global action on climate change and a global UN climate agreement in 2015. 

2 November 2014, WWF PR: No more debate on climate science, over to leaders
(Gland, Switzerland) - Today in Copenhagen, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released the final volume of its Fifth Assessment Report (AR5). The report represents seven years of work by more than a thousand scientists globally from 160 countries. 

27 October 2014, WWF PR: IPCC report casts halo over UN climate negotiations

As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change opens the meeting in Copenhagen to approve the final elements of the landmark Fifth Assessment Report, focus is turning to the effect the report will have on decisions and actions in the near future. 

25 October 2014, WWF PR: UN Climate negotiations - 5 weeks to Lima
Now, it's time for climate action, says WWF 

24 October 2014, WWF PR: EU leaders out of touch with climate reality

Europe's new climate and energy targets for the period 2020-2030 show a leadership out of touch with climate reality, said WWF's Global Climate and Energy initiative leader Samantha Smith. 

23 September 2014, WWF PR, WWF PR: World to governments - it's your turn to act on climate change
WWF head of delegation, Samantha Smith, issued the following statement about the UN Climate Summit.  

23 September 2014, WWF PR: Response to UN Climate Summit agreements. 
In response to several announcements at the UN's Climate Summit, WWF released the following statements. 

17 September 2014,WWF PR: UN Summit to Put Climate Change Apathy 
Against the backdrop of the largest ever public demonstration on climate change, WWF is calling on governments and business leaders at next week's UN Climate Summit in New York City to deliver clear commitments towards a future powered entirely by renewable energy.

25 June 2014, WWF PR:Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2014 report released
Israel, Finland and the U.S. provide the best conditions today for clean technology start-up creation according to the second edition of the Global Cleantech Innovation Index, released today by Cleantech Group and WWF.

19 June 2014, WWF PR: Largest US companies jump onto the clean energy bandwagon
The nation’s largest companies are leaving Washington gridlock on climate change behind and rapidly embracing renewable energy sourcing and greenhouse gas emissions reduction efforts, according to a new report from Calvert Investments, Ceres, David Gardiner & Associates, and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

16 June 2014, WWF PR: WWF: Developed countries must stop exporting climate change
Today, WWF called on developed countries to clean up their act for good by immediately and publicly committing to end all forms of export credit support for coal.

15 June 2014, WWF PR: Political will and urgency needed to spur climate negotiations
Actions are already being taken by a number of countries to reduce harmful emissions, and some of this positive momentum is filtering into the UN climate negotiations.

12 June 2014, WWF PR: Key countries on track to meet international obligations – Australia far off track
Australia is lagging behind six key trading partners when it comes to action on climate change, according to a new report from Vivid Economics, released today (Friday) by WWF-Australia. 

7 June 2014, WWF PR: Statements by NGOs on UNFCCC's cost recovery proposals
On behalf of the constituencies representing business and industry, research groups, indigenous peoples organizations, environmental groups, women and gender, trade unions, local government and municipal authorities, farmers and youth, we would like to express our concern regarding the policy on cost recovery announced in the Secretariat's information note dated June 4.

6 June 2014,WWF PR: Zivilgesellschaftsorganisationen Senden warnruf an Regierungen: Seid mit uns oder tretet zur seite
Mehr als 100 Demonstrant/inn/en versammelten sich heute in Bonn vor einem Hotel in dem Umweltminister/innen an UNO Klimawandelverhandlungen teilnehmen.

6 June 2014, WWF PR: Civil Society Organisations warn Governments: Stand with us, or step aside
More than 100 people held a demonstration in Bonn today, outside the hotel where the Ministers of Environment were meeting at the UN climate negotiations.

5 June 2014, WWF PR: Finland’s announcement on new climate legislation adds to global climate change momentum
Finland is the latest country to announce significant climate change legislation in the past month, following the US, China, and Mexico, adding impetus to the global climate change momentum building ahead of the new global climate deal in 2015.

3 June 2014, WWF PR: Developing countries lead on enabling R.E. growth
The number of developing countries with policies in place to support the expansion of renewable energy has grown more than six-fold increase in just eight years, according to a report from the Renewable Energy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) released today.

3 June 2014, WWF PR: Investments may make or break climate change
A new International Energy Agency (IEA) report, released today, says that the current trend of energy investments falls well short of the amount needed to avoid dangerous global warming, and policies in place are insufficient to give guidance to investors to reduce their carbon exposure.

2 June 2014, WWF PR: U.S. gets serious about climate change
A move by US President Barack Obama to reduce emissions from US-based power plants is the strongest signal yet that the United States is getting serious about combatting climate change.

28 May 2014, WWF PR: Executives facing climate denial-related claims could be personally liable - NGOs
Corporate executives of major fossil fuel companies could face personal liability for funding climate denialism and opposing policies to fight climate change, say NGOs.

28 May 2014, WWF PR: WWF Comment on New Proposal for Renewables Investment of World’s Largest Sovereign Wealth Fund
Norway opposition parties tabled a proposal Tuesday to evaluate how the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund could invest directly in renewable energy. This follows the Prime Minister’s party passing a parallel resolution at its national convention three weeks ago.

21 May 2014, WWF PR: Green Light for Climate Fund
The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has been given the green light to start work, after its Board adopted a set of key decisions this week, paving the way for it to be open for business by next year.

19 May 2014, WWF PR: Mexico sets the pace with ambitious RE targets
Mexico's plans to increase its renewable energy supply from 15% to 25% of total energy supply by 2018, sets the pace globally for a much needed increased ambition towards the UN climate negotiations in Lima, Peru later this year, according to WWF.

16 April 2014, WWF PR: Thousands of citizens call the KfW Bank Group to stop investing in coal, starting from Greece
Today, WWF Greece and WWF Germany met with the KfW Bank Group, in order to hand over the petition signed by 15,000 citizens calling the development bank to refrain from financing a new coal plant by PPC: “Ptolemaida V” in Northern Greece.

13 April 2014, WWF PR: Transforming world’s energy systems an urgent necessity – IPCC report

WWF backs a call in a major UN scientific report released today that the world should more than triple investments in sustainable, safe low-carbon energy sources as the main measure to mitigate climate change.

11 April 2014, WWF PR: IPCC highlights need to stop gambling on fossil fuels

The world must shift from its current dependency on a dirty fossil fuel energy system to clean, sustainable renewable energy if the world is to have a chance of combating rampant climate change.

7 April 2014, WWF PR: Climate change threat highlights energy investment challenge
The increase inrenewable energy's share of world electricity generationis positive, but lags behind the level needed to tackle dangerous climate change, said WWFin reaction to a report published today on global energy investment.

31 March 2014, WWF PR:Earth is in deep trouble says IPCC report
A UN climate impact report, released today, gives the clearest and most comprehensive evidence yet that the earth we call home is in deep trouble. It reinforces the sobering view that climate change is real, it’s happening now and it’s affecting the lives and the livelihoods of people as well as the sensitive ecosystems that sustain life.

26 March 2014, WWF PR: Climate change hits Japan’s natural icons
Two of Japan’s most famous natural icons - the cherry trees and its ancient beech forests, are under threat from climate change. Left unattended, beech forests, which are thousands of years old, are unlikely to survive beyond the end of this century, and cherry trees no longer flower in spring.

2014年3月26, 气候变化殃及日本自然地标


Groundbreaking analysis shows China's renewable energy future within reach

Washington, D.C. – By embracing conservation measures and renewable energy, China can transition to an 80 percent renewable electric power system by 2050 at far less cost than continuing to rely on coal, according to a new report from WWF-US.

4 March 2014, WWF PR:World’s Largest Fund to Review Climate Change Impact
For the past two months a proposal has been on the table in Norway to make a historic move the country’s sovereign wealth fund to divest from coal. In a last-minute move, a split in parliament has resulted – instead – in a full review of the fund’s investments in coal, oil and gas.

28 February 2014, WWF PR: Norway Missing Easy Win On Coal
(Oslo, Norway) - Today the Government of Norway announced it would be launching an expert commi ttee to do a year-long review on the carbon exposure of the country's Gove rnment Pension F und Global, commonly known as the oil fund. This comes as a response to the opposition party's proposal to end coal invest ments. While the review offers a broader scope than the original proposal, it now delays clear action on coal.

18 February 2014, WWF: Action required now to ensure supply of critical materials for renewable energy infrastructure

(Gland, Switzerland) – The growing demand for renewable energy could put pressure on the supply of critical materials required in the production of renewable energy infrastructure, says WWF in new report released today.

27 November 2013, Lego Group partners with WWF and focuses on suppliers to reduce climate impact

Just a tenth of the total carborn emmission related to LEGO® products originates from processes taking place at LEGO factories during production of LEGO bricks and sets. The LEGO Group is now expanding the dialogue with suppliers to reduce the total impact of the environment.

12 November 2013, WWF backs IEA call to change global energy system

Responding to the publication of the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) World Energy Outlook today (12 November) [1], WWF said that the report and the opening of the UN climate talks in Poland had been overshadowed Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

07 November 2013, WWF PRGovernments must seize the opportunity to tackle climate change
(Gland, Switzerland) - With only 50 days of negotiations left for world leaders to produce a new global climate agreement in 2015, they need to make every day count, WWF said ahead of the United Nations climate talks in Warsaw, Poland which start on Monday (11 November 2013).

5 November 2013, WWF: Scaled up renewables a viable solution to cutting dangerous emissions
Gland, Switzerland – Humanity is waking up to the damage that fossil fuels inflict on our planet and scientific evidence again reiterates the scale of the problem and the urgency of taking action, says WWF.

10 October 2013, Catalyst, Coca-Cola, HP, Johnson & Johnson, and National Geographic Announce Goals to Combat Climate Change
MEXICO CITY - Some of the world's most iconic global corporations announced commitments to combat climate change today at the Climate Savers Power of Power Business Summit in Mexico City, hosted by WWF. The commitments include operations and supply chain emmissions reductions and targets for renewable energy.

10 October 2013, WWF PR: Quotes from companies who have renewed their membership in Climate Savers Programme  
The Climate Savers program is WWF’s global platform to engage business and industry on climate and energy. Member companies – now numbering 30 – commit to become the best in class in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and pledge to influence market or policy developments by promoting their vision, solutions, and achievements.

08 October 2013, WWF PR: Divestment report highlights climate risk to investors
Commenting on a new report published today by the University of Oxford's Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment [1] on the fossil fuel divestment movement, WWF said that the research provided further evidence of the real risks to fossil fuel investments.

8 October 2013, WWF Climate Solver programme launched in South Africa
Gland, Switzerland – WWF-South Africa has become the fourth country in the world to launch the Climate Solver programme. Climate Solver is a programme aimed at supporting climate innovat ion by entrepreneurs. Innovation is typically a new way of doing something while increasing the value for a customer. WWF believes that this customer value must include radically reduced carbon emissions, energy access and compatibility with a transition to a renewable energy future as described in WWFs Energy Report.

5 October 2013, WWF: Businesses leaders to meet to discuss how to contribute to climate change mitigation
Mexico City, Mexico – According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Working Group 1 report released last week, climate change is happening faster and more intensely and, in many cases, at an unprecedented rate, caused by human activities, mainly the burning of fossil fuels.

04 October 2013, WWF PR: ICAO Forgoes Immediate Emissions Reductions for Promise of a Future Global Plan
MONTREAL (October 3, 2013) – Delegates to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) today promised to start work on developing a global, market based measure (MBM) to reduce aviation emissions beginning in 2020, but in doing so missed the opportunity to start reducing emissions immediately and contribute to closing the ambition gap before 2020.

28 September 2013, WWF PR: IPCC Confirms Energy Transformation Must Start Now
Stockholm, Sweden - After 25 years of IPCC reports, the inconvenient truth is confirmed: climate change is real; it's happening at an alarming rate, and human-activities, mainly the burning of fossil fuels, are causing it.

27 September 2013, WWF PR: Uprecedented rate of change in climate demand action
Stockholm, Switzerland – Climate change is happening faster, more intensely and, in many cases, at an unprecedented rate of change, according to the Fifth Assessment Working Group 1 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This demands action.

26 September 2013, WWF PR: Climate change hits the Arctic
The Arctic climate is changing rapidly. Sea ice extent is now the sixth lowest ever. Former marine protected areas are being opened up for exploitation of minerals, oil and gas and as well as for fishing and shipping. The future is at stake, seal pups are suffering and beached walruses are in danger of crushing each other to death.

23 September 2013, WWF PR: Nature’s distress call is getting louder, new report shows

Gland, Switzerland – Governments will gather today in Stockholm to start considering the final text for the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group 1 report, widely expected to highlight the drivers of climate change.

23 September 2013, WWF PR: WWF welcomes the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate
Today’s announcement of a new Global Commission that will investigate how combating climate change can be consistent with development, prosperity and inclusive growth, is welcome.

12 September 2013, WWF PR: Launch of the the the First Greenhouse Gas Accounting Tool for Chinese cities
Beijing (September12, 2013)—A new Greenhouse Gas Protocoltool to help Chinese cities measureand manage their greenhouse gas(GHG)emissions was launched today in Beijing. The tool, called the Greenhouse Gas Accounting Tool for Chinese Cities (Pilot Version 1.0), was jointly developed by the World Resources Institute(WRI), the Institute forUrban and Environmental Studiesof the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS), WWF China,and the Institute for Sustainable Communities(ISC). The toolwillhelp support city officials in making decisions around low-carbon planning and development.

12 September 2013, WWF PR: WWF-SA launches new platform to promote innovative climate solutions
WWF South Africa (WWF-SA) today launched the South African chapter of the organisation‟s international Climate Solver platform as a means to strengthen the development and widespread use of low carbon technologies that can dramatically reduce carbon emissions or increase access to energy across the globe.

09 September 2013, WWF PR: New report highlights growing risks to Brazil, including drastic impacts to the world’s largest rainforest
Gland, Switzerland – If drastic action is not taken now, Brazil will experience significant changes in rainfall patterns and more frequent extremes of climate in just decades, with severe consequences to Brazil’s rural and urban areas and the world’s largest remaining and most species-rich tropical rainforest in the world, the Amazon, says WWF.

05 September 2013, WWF PR: Failure to address climate change today will cost us more tomorrow

Gland, Switzerland – Failure to address climate change today will cost us more tomorrow, according to WWF. The urgency to address climate change was highlighted again today with the release of a report by the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society [1] in which researchers found evidence of human-caused climate change in about half of the 12 extreme weather and climate events analyzed from 2012.

05 September 2013, WWF PR: More countries join public movement away from coal
Gland, Switzerland – The announcement today [1] that five Nordic countries will stand with the US in ending public finance for new coal-fired power plants overseas, except in rare circumstances, is significant and builds on the growing movement away from coal, the most polluting energy source, says WWF.

17 July 2013, WWF PR: International public finance institutions should follow World Bank example to limit funding for coal power plants
Gland, Switzerland – The World Bank’s decision, announced yesterday, to limit funding to coal power plants to “only rare circumstances” is a welcome step towards a sustainable energy future, and other finance institutions should immediately follow suit, says WWF.

25 June 2013, WWF PR: Obama plan calls for renewable transition
Gland, Switzerland – Today, US President Barack Obama delivered a plan of action on climate change in a speech that called for citizens, business and local governments to move away from fossil fuels and invest in a renewable future.

25 June 2013, WWF PR: Enabling environment needed to upscale world’s renewable energy projects
Gland, Switzerland – Challenges in scaling up implementation of renewable energy (RE) must be addressed if the target of 100% sustainable renewables by 2050¹ is to be achieved.

14 June 2013, WWF PR: Climate negotiators deliver little for Warsaw
Gland, Switzerland – Global climate talks that ended in Bonn today (Friday 14 June), failed to reach concrete decisions on key issues such as how to reduce emissions as well raise finance for climate action in the short term before 2020.

13 June 2013, WWF PR: WWF welcomes Mexico’s 2050 Climate Vision; now global funding must be made available to implement such strategies
Gland, Switzerland – Mexico’s launch today of a 2050 Climate Change Vision report is a welcome next step in its path to a low-carbon future, says WWF.

12 June 2013, WWF PR: Peru welcomed as 2014 host of UN Conference of Parties (COP)
Gland, Switzerland – WWF has welcomed the announcement that Peru will be the host of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) twentieth session of the Conference of Parties (COP 20) in December 2014.

10 June 2013, WWF PR: WWF Statement on US/China climate change pledge
Gland, Switzerland – WWF issued the following statement from Samantha Smith, leader of the WWF’s Global Climate & Energy Initiative on the pledge announced yesterday by U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping to reduce the use of hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs:

10 June 2013, WWF PR: IEA stop-gap measures not enough to tackle climate change
Commenting on a report released today (10 June) by the International Energy Agency (IEA), Redrawing the energy-climate map, WWF said that, although the short-term measures proposed by the IEA to keep climate change within ‘safe’ levels were welcome, countries need to move further and faster to tackle the problem.

02 May 2013, WWF PR: Climate Change milestone demands shift to renewable energy
The need to shift to sustainable and clean energy sources will be reinforced when the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere reach 400 parts per million (ppm) for the first time in human history in the next few days.

27 March 2013, WWF PRMaintenance of fossil fuel subsidies is a global scandal, supporting IMF findings
Gland, Switzerland – The continued maintenance of fossil fuel subsidies is a global scandal and governments should work to transform these subsidies into financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy, says WWF, responding to a report released today by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

22 March 2013, WWF PR: WWF-India recognizes organizations contributing towards addressing climate change with Climate Solver Awards  
New Delhi: While political will to tackle climate change is still weak, the will of creative and energetic entrepreneurs working in the field of climate innovation is on the increase. WWF is encouraging small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are developing innovative technologies and processes which can contribute to fighting climate change.

13 March 2013, WWF PR: WWF partners with India’s Barefoot College to support solar power for the poor
Gland, Switzerland - WWF has concluded an MOU with the Barefoot College of India to train rural women as solar engineers.

01 March 2013, WWF PR: South Africa displays global leadership in tackling carbon emissions and climate change
WWF International’s Global Climate & Energy Initiative (GCEI) has today welcomed the announcement this week of a package of measures aimed at reducing South Africa’s greenhouse gas emissions.

05 February 2013, WWF PR: Majority of world’s largest companies shifting to clean energy
Power Forward Report Shows 60 percent of World’s Largest Companies Have Greenhouse Gas Reduction or Renewable Energy Commitments, Citing Strong Business Case

29 January 2013, WWF PR: Global system to curb aircraft emissions could easily take flight
A global system to regulate runaway greenhouse gas emissions from aviation is technically and economically feasible and could help address climate change, according to a new WWF report.

29 January 2013, WWF PR: First Chinese Company Joins WWF’s Climate Savers Programme
BAODING Jan. 29, 2013 – WWF today announced that Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited (Yingli), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar panels, has become the first Chinese company, and the first photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer, to join WWF’s Climate Savers programme.

16 January 2013, WWF PR: Solar PV power in harmony with nature – new WWF report says land requirements are insignificant
Abu Dhabi, UAE , 16th Jan 2013- A new report released on the sidelines of the World Future Energy Summit here today, shows that even if all electricity is to be generated through renewable energy (RE) sources, and with solar photovoltaics (PV) alone, it would take up only an insignificant amount of total land area, contrary to common perception.

20 December  2012, WWF PR: Business innovations recognised by WWF as contributing to fight against climate change   
Gland, Switzerland – While political will appears to be lacking in terms of tackling climate change, the will of creative and energetic entrepreneurs working in the field of climate innovation is on the increase.

22 November 2012, WWF PR: Private investments can make a world of difference for climate entrepreneurs
Gland, Switzerland – Financing for entrepreneurial clean energy initiatives are the single biggest inhibiter of a boom in energy efficiency and the renewable energy sector.

21 November 2012, WWF PR: UN assessment confirms world is standing on the brink of climate catastrophe
Gland, Switzerland – Governments are falling far short of their commitment to keep global average temperature rise below the accepted 2°C goal, putting the world on the brink of climate catastrophe.

19 November 2012, WWF PR: World Bank must fight climate change and stop funding fossil fuel projects
Gland, Switzerland –The World Bank and its member governments must move funding out of fossil fuel projects and into renewable energy if they are to fight the worst impacts of climate change on the poor, says WWF in response to a report released today by the Bank.

12 November 2012, WWF PR: WWF supports IEA conclusion: two thirds of fossil fuel reserves must be left underground
Gland, Switzerland - Two thirds of all proven fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground if the world is serious about avoiding dangerous climate change, according to the International Energy Agency in its World Energy Outlook 2012 report released today.

20 October 2012, WWF PR: WWF welcomes announcement of the Green Climate Fund HQ
Cape Town, South Africa – WWF welcomes the announcement today by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) board to locate its headquarters in Songdo, Incheon City, South Korea.

01 October 2012, PR: IKEA to convert all lighting to LED
IKEA supports the LED light revolution by converting its full lighting range to LED by 2016 - meaning IKEA will selling only LED bulbs and LED lamps. To enable millions of people to live a more sustainable life at home and save money on their energy bills, the bulbs will be sold at the lowest price on the market. IKEA is also changing the more than one million light sources inside the IKEA stores to LED and other more energy efficient lighting.

19 September 2012, WWF PR: Record Arctic ice low drives urgent global action
Gland, Switzerland – September 19, 2012 - Today's announcement of a record low for Arctic sea ice extent shows the need for urgent local and global actions, say WWF experts. According to satellite monitoring, the low of 3.41 million square kilometers was reached on September 16. This is a loss of ice nearly twice the size of Alaska, compared to the average minimum from 1979 to 2000.

15 September 2012, WWF PR: Recommendation to world governments on carbon trading mechanism soft on delivery 

Cape Town, South Africa – The world remains at grave risk of reaching its carbon tipping point and efforts to improve the carbon trading scheme for the world’s countries has failed to deliver.

13 September 2012, WWF PR: Cheap gas threatens global climate

Cape Town, South Africa – Global efforts to stop climate change may become the latest victim of the world’s current financial crisis as cash-strapped governments consider increasing their use of gas as a cheaper option for fuel. The net effect is that the cleaner option of renewable energy is being left behind.

30 August 2012, WWF PRFailure not an option for world negotiators at climate meeting in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand – With the world’s only treaty regulating carbon emissions expiring in just four months, government negotiators at a UN climate meeting in Bangkok this week are under enormous pressure to deliver new commitments.