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Coastal East Africa Initiative

The Mafia Island coast in Tanzania. Currently, over 20 million people live in and along coastal forests and landscapes in Eastern Africa.

WWF Goals

  • By 2020 priority landscapes and seascapes are conserved through networks of protected areas.
  • By 2020 mitigation and adaptation strategies for climate change are under implementation.
  • By 2025 at least 80% of the timber and fisheries products are sourced from sites and producers that practice legal and sustainable management.
  • By 2025 key habitats and species are conserved, continuing to provide goods and services to more than 20 million people.

Facts & Figures

The East Africa coast supports rich wildlife populations of which 60-70% are found only in the Indo-Pacific and 15% are found no where else in the world. This includes:

  • 3,000 species of molluscs
  • 1,500 species of fish
  • 1,000 species of seaweeds
  • 300 species of crabs
  • 200 coral species
  • 100 species of sea cucumbers
  • 50 species of starfishes
  • 35 species of marine mammals