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  • Indonesian ports will soon be closed to pirate fishing vessels after the nation signed the world’s first legally-binding international treaty to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing
  • EU Regulation 1005/2008 provides that the trade with the Community of fishery products obtained from IUU fishing is prohibited effective January 1, 2010. To ensure the effectiveness of this prohibition, fishery products shall only be imported into the Community when accompanied by a catch certificate
  • 82% of people agreed that shops and markets in Singapore should sell seafood from sustainable sources (WWF market survey, 2010)
  • Customers and major distributors are increasingly concerned about the sustainability and risk of depletion of marine stocks (FAO, 2008)
  • Replacing J hooks with circle hooks that are less dangerous to marine turtles can reduce bycatch rates by up to 90%. In some cases such as tuna fisheries, “circle hooks” can even increase target catch rates (WWF, 2007)