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Shark Book
Why I Care About Sharks
Why I Care About Sharks is a natural history/fiction adventure story about the quest of a couple of kids trying to understand why sharks and other big fish are disappearing from our oceans. Full of dynamic pictures, comics and scientific illustrations, Why I Care About Sharks shows how people and sharks are connected and why sharks matter.

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About Fintegrity

Fintegrity’s purpose is to empower teachers to help young people understand the value of marine ecosystems and inspire them to take action that contributes to the oceans’ restoration. 

Fintegrity co-founders, Lisa Cook & Joel Simonetti, write books for young adults and lesson plans for educators. They also speak at professional development conferences for educators, visit schools and conduct teacher training workshops all over the world. Visit Fintegrity’ website to learn more.
Why I Care About Sharks


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To date Lisa & Joel have written two books, Why I Care About Sharks and the soon to be published Consuming Coral ReefsWhy I Care About Sharks and its complementary lesson plans are available digitally and in print. Fintegrity resources and training arouse the moral imagination of teachers and students, helping them envision a relationship with the sea guided by responsibility, sustainability and stewardship.

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