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The Coral Triangle Initiative Business Summit rewarded participants with opportunities for sectors that rely on marine resources in the region, including sustainable business solutions and financial opportunities for profitable "green" investments.

When & where

Jan 19-20, 2010
Shangri La Makati
Manila, Phlippines

On 19 to 20 January 2010, the Government of the Philippines and WWF organised an inspirational international business event for the Coral Triangle. The focus: to create exciting opportunities for sustainability as the future of economic health and profit in the region.

The Summit aimed to inspire partnerships that drive innovation and attract sustainable investment by bringing together those businesses that rely on a healthy marine environment and resources (tuna, live reef fish and travel and tourism) in the Coral Triangle.

Participants included

  • business change-makers
  • key marine resource industry sectors
  • the communications sector
  • the investment community
  • relevant government officials

What is the Coral Triangle?

Covering just 1% of the earth’s surface, the Coral Triangle includes 30% of the world’s coral reefs, 76% of its reef-building coral species as well as vital spawning grounds for tuna.

The region sustains the lives of more than 120 million people, along with thousands of small and medium businesses that heavily rely on healthy marine environments and resources.

Paolo Mangahas

Communications Manager,
WWF Coral Triangle Programme

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Coral Triangle Initiative Business Summit goals & objectives

Overcoming the threats faced by the Coral Triangle, while putting new economic growth on a sustainable path, requires courage, innovation, partnership and, not least, access to credit, finance and investment.

This Summit was designed to stimulate investment in public private partnerships that secure the sustainability and profitability of key sectors dependent on healthy marine resources in the Coral Triangle.

  1. Inspire marine resource-based sectors (tuna, live reef fish, travel) in the Coral Triangle to access ‘green’ investment for profitable and sustainable business in the Coral Triangle.
  2. Catalyze recession-beating collaboration between Coral Triangle Governments, NGOs, international institutions and the private sector  that fosters public private partnerships and drives sustainable investment and green / clean growth.
  3. Define sectoral roles and goals in shaping Coral Triangle sustainability over the next 5-10 years and secure commitments from key sectors to deliver sustainable development.
Yellow fin tuna in fish market/Philippines 
© Juergen Freund/WWF
Yellow fin tuna in fish market/Philippines
© Juergen Freund/WWF

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