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Coral Triangle Day 2015

This coming June 9 marks the 4th annual Coral Triangle Day celebration – a regional event that has grown exponentially in the four short years since it started, thanks to everyone’s continued commitment and support.

Every June 9 we celebrate the Coral Triangle Day


The Coral Triangle Day has become a landmark event to celebrate the Coral Triangle and to bring together the region’s countries with one simple message: protect the ocean that connects us all.

And this year, we plan to go viral.

Through the support of WWF, Coral Triangle Day partners are conducting a social media activity to help raise the profile of this event and the Coral Triangle.

This social media activity is an Instagram competition called “I Heart the Coral Triangle.”

The contest will encourage people to take photos of natural elements arranged in the shape of a heart, and to then to share those photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with the hashtag #iheartcoraltriangle

The photos that receive the most ‘likes’ on social media will be awarded prizes.
Coral Triangle Day 2015 Instagram Contest Poster


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