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Let's hear about the wolf from the experts and people who live and work with this beautiful animal. On this page, we share stories, interviews, and testimonies from people all over Europe.
Is the return of the wolf in Austria putting pastoralism in danger?
An inteview with Georg Rauer from Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology in Vienna.
Georg Rauer, Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria © Georg Rauer

“Installing the possibility to hunt wolves legally does not automatically raise the acceptance of wolves in rural communities.”

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Stefania Campogianni

Communication Manager

WWF Mediterranean,<br /> WWF MEDPO

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Another way to read Little Red Riding Hood
Our negative perceptions of the wolf – an interview with Yolanda Cortés, wolf expert from Spain.
Yolanda Cortés, wolf expert from Spain © Yolanda Cortés

“The wolf, to some of us, reminds of the times during which humans were just another animal living in nature, under the same rules as the rest of the species. The wolf can then be associated to our weakness.”

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Shepherds who have decided to live with the wolf
A testimony of a volunteer from the French NGO FERUS who spent some months in the French Alps monitoring sheep in a wolf-inhabited area.
Julien Davy © Julien Davy

"Some farmers are willing to accept the presence of wolves and adapt to their return. I think the new generations of farmers also seem less fearful of wolves.”

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My journey in the Alps with the wolf
An environmental engineer from France shares his experience helping sheep farmers to coexist with the wolf.
Nicolas Balverde, an environmental engineer © Nicolas Balverde

"Nature should not be dominated at all costs: if we do not let it express itself, we will lose our souls” . Nicolas Balverde

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