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Green Economy

We are living beyond our means and our planet’s ecological limits. As the 2014 Living Planet Report demonstrates, the challenges that the global environment is facing today are too big, too interconnected and too urgent for any one organization to solve alone. Business drives much of the global economy, so we believe that companies also have a specific responsibility to ensure that the natural resources and ecosystems which underpin their own operations are used sustainably. By working with the private sector, WWF aims to change behaviour and drive conservation results that would not be possible otherwise.

Societies in the Danube-Carpathian region are living far beyond their means, using resources at a rate roughly twice the Earth's ability to renew them. Businesses are a big part of the problem - and the solution.

The business of business in the Danube-Carpathian region as elsewhere must be in creating value from products and services that are good for people and the planet, in providing solutions to our needs and problems. 

This is really the only sustainable option for our planet – and thus the only viable business plan beyond the very short term. You can’t do business on a dead planet. That is of course a significant challenge, but with every challenge there is an opportunity. There is real money to be made in offering solutions to problems.

Fortunately, a growing number of companies working in the region are realizing that the future of their business depends on the future of their environment.

Business leaders

A full list of WWF partners in the Danube-Carpathian region may be found in our annual reports (in the right-hand column of this webpage).

How WWF is working with the business

Partnering with progressive companies to find solutions for sustainable business in the region.

Working with industry leaders in key sectors such as forestry, tourism and agriculture and food to identify and promote approaches that achieve "more business, more jobs, more nature".

Establishing Corporate Clubs - now in Romania and in future in other countries -- as platforms for bringing together progressive companies in support of environmental action.

Providing know-how and training for businesses, e.g. through One Planet Leaders.

Working with business associations and other partners in the region to promote the business case for environment.

Contact: Barbara Janker, Corporate Partnerships, WWF Austria & Danube-Carpathian Programme

Climate change tour of WWF in Business Park Sofia, Bulgaria 
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Climate change tour of WWF in Business Park Sofia, Bulgaria
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