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People behind the project

The project team meets in Ruse.
Project Director
Irene Lucius, WWF DCPO © WWF

Project Director Irene Lucius is also Head of Policy at the WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme. Irene has a solid background in environmental policies. She is dedicated to promoting change in existing European policies to accommodate taking into account the natural limits of our ecosystems. Irene is based in Vienna, Austria.

Project Management
Maya Todorova is the Project Manager of the Danube PES project. © David Strobel / WWF DCP

Maya Todorova, Project Manager of the Danube PES project, is an economist by education. Maya is an expert in development and implementation of economic tools for nature conservation. Her team has the ambitious task to encourage landowners to manage resources in a manner that ensures they continue to generate the environmental services we all need. Maya is based in Ruse, Bulgaria. 

Yulia Grigorova, Bulgaria National Coordinator, has extensive experience in rural development policies, including measures under all axis of the National Rural Development Programme 2007-2013. Yulia has been very active in the development and monitoring of agri-environmental payments in Bulgaria. Yulia is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Monia Martini, Romania National Coordinator,  has a background in international relations. Currently she is actively involved in lobbying and policy work in Romania. Monia is based in Bucharest, Romania. 

Project partners
Currently WWF is among the leaders in developing PES schemes around the world. © WWF DCPO

The Danube PES project team relies on the support of our partners for the successful and timely implementation of the project. We would like to thank our partners for their willingness and support to delve into the new and as yet unfamiliar concept of Payments for Ecosystem Services.

Our Bulgarian partners are Ruse Municipality, Tzenovo Municipality, Dolna Mitropolija Municipality, Rusenski Lom Nature Park Directorate, Persina Nature Park Directorate, FRLNP Association, Nature Tourism Association, and in Romania we partner with Environmental Protection Agency, National Water Authority, Baia Mare Forest Authority, Ciocanesti Fish Farm, Iezer Calarasi Fish Farm.