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Climate Business Action Day, WWF's Arctic Tent, COP15, Copehangen, Denmark © WWF / Richard Stonehouse

Paying for nature conservation is a business investment

As many companies rely on natural resources, they may need to invest into nature protection in order to secure the flow of environmental services directly related to their business’s bottom line. With regards to the production industry, such a strategy can help them to sustain the delivery of essential inputs for their production processes, such as fresh water, timber or livestock. Sometimes there is even an urgent need to protect their natural supply chain if they want to survive in the short term. Regarding the tourism industry, a good quality of landscapes and wildlife is a necessity to keep on attracting visitors.

Moreover businesses can also have considerable environmental impacts through significant greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon offsets investment (through reforestation) is an efficient way to neutralize their environmental footprint.

How WWF works with private companies

Our approach to working with the business is both collaborative and challenging. We offer fresh insights to guide sustainability approaches and create stakeholder engagement opportunities to support your business to build future resilience, while making a positive contribution to the natural world.

We are already working with progressive businesses in the Danube-Carpathian region to transform the way they do business as well as working across sectors to bring together investors, consumer groups and policy makers to drive the systemic change we need to arrive at a greener economy.

Get involved with WWF in the Danube-Carpathian region

WWF develops innovative projects in Romania and Bulgaria, which aim to improve biodiversity, water quality and carbon sinks capacity of ecosystems. WWF involves local communities and businesses to sustain the benefits generated from nature and biodiversity. On the one hand, our Green Economy Team proposes local and international companies to join in these projects to mitigate environmental footprint. On the other hand, we can enhance broader partnerships between WWF and private companies in order to help you meet Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility commitments.

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Maya Bankova-Todorova
Regional Green Economy Coordinator