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WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme office is responsible for leading and to a significant extent implementing WWF’s efforts to preserve, restore and sustainably manage the natural values of the Danube-Carpathian ecoregion, which we also call the Green Heart of Europe

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We work in the following areas:
* Forests
* Wilderness & Protected Areas
* Bears & Large Carnivores
* Rivers & wetlands
* Danube sturgeons
* Green economy

We are a team of 130 highly specialised professionals ranging from biologists, hydraulic engineers and economists to communications specialists and finance experts. We work across political borders through an ecoregional approach based on model projects, influencing policy, networking, capacity building, communication and crisis response.
WWF-DCPO is led from its head office in Vienna. It has registered organisations in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, with offices in Bucharest, Brasov, Resita, Tulcea and Baia Mare as well as in Sofia and Budapest, and project offices and representatives and partners in Slovakia, Ukraine and Serbia. We work closely with a number of WWF partners both within and outside of the region, including WWF-Adria, WWF-Poland, WWF-Austria, WWF-Germany, WWF-Netherlands, WWF-UK and the WWF-European Policy Office in Brussels.


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Our mission
Our mission is to find solutions to the challenges that the region faces in order to achieve its vision of prosperity, sustainability and biodiversity conservation. In our daily work we promote the development and effective management of protected areas as well as sustainable use of natural resources, e.g. through sustainable forestry management. We promote integrated river basin management as well as sustainable agricultural practices. We seek to maximise the opportunities and minimise the threats of the new market economy for conservation and sustainable livelihoods by shaping the regulatory environment and demonstrating long-term solutions. We address Climate change as a major challenge to the globe.

Our guiding principles
We are personal, professional, credible and accountable, efficient and effective, innovative and creative. Most importantly, we are solutions oriented. We use the best available scientific information to address issues and critically evaluate our endeavours. We seek dialogue and partnership, but are challenging where this is necessary. We respect local people and their needs, and involve them in determining the future of their communities. We enhance our capacity by empowering and partnering with others. We are global, multi-cultural, non-partisan and independent.
Our values in the Green Heart of Europe

* Empowering People
* Trust
* Impact Driven
* Responsibility
* Standard of Excellence