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23 Mar 2018

The National Snow and Ice Data Centre announced today that the extent of the winter sea ice in the ...

20 Mar 2018

​Russia announced this month the creation of the largest land and marine reserve and second-largest ...

30 Jan 2018

A new report by WWF’s Arctic Programme finds that the five countries responsible for the ...

04 Apr 2017

A new report identifies seven areas in the Arctic that could be considered for World Heritage ...

23 Feb 2017

Baffin Bay and Kane Basin populations are likely stable, for now

15 Sep 2016

The Arctic’s summer sea ice may already have hit a near-record low extent, putting pressure on the ...

16 Jun 2016

A research expedition is casting light on the little-known polar bear population of Russia’s Kara ...

12 May 2016

A year of record warm temperatures and lower than normal sea ice has led to more polar bears than ...

15 Mar 2016

Following a record-breaking warm Arctic winter, Arctic Ocean sea ice looks set to hit a record low ...

26 Feb 2016

Here's how WWF is helping communities live safely alongside the Arctic’s top predator.

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Polar Bear Conflict Factsheet

26 Feb 2016  | 0 Comments

Here's how WWF is helping communities live safely alongside the Arctic’s top predator.

Modeling oil spills in the Beaufort, Bering and Barents Seas

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Illustrating the potentially damaging trajectory of oil spills in the Arctic

Factsheet: What WWF is doing for polar bears

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Polar bears, the charismatic icon of the Arctic environment, have long been a focus in WWF’s on-the-ground research and conservation projects in the ...