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A very special thanks to Huslia High School teacher Sharon Diane Strick for her dedication and commitment to help the students accomplish the goals of this project. She taught the Journalism class, which the student producers attended every day of the school year. The project could not have been completed without her. A special thanks to the students, LeAnn Bifelt, Athena Sam, Kenny Sam, Jr., Sheila Esmailka, and Ryan Olin, for their exceptional work as radio producers! Thanks also to the Jimmy Huntington High School staff, especially John Christian, Geoff Johnson, and Vina Bilow.

We are particularly grateful to the interviewees, including Steven and Catherine Attla, Audrey and Fred Bifelt, Orville Huntington, Al Yatlin, Ed Vent, Donavan Olin, Wilson Sam, Darrell Sam, Hudson Sam, Tony Sam, Sr., Butch Yaska, and Jack Wholecheese. Thanks to Huslia Tribal Council Adminstrator Lary Schafer and Council Members, Dorothy Yatlin, Carl Burgett, Mabel Vent, Rose Ambrose, Josslin Olin, Fred Bifelt, Bill Derendoff, who is also the Village Chief; and to the Tribal Council staff, including CeCe Nollner and Lorraine Vent, and to Project Principal Investigator, Orville Huntington; to Graduate Student and Huslia Tribal Council Grant Writer, Annette Watson, and to consultant Henry Huntington. Special thanks to Elder and host George Attla, Jr. for his unwavering support of the project.

WWF provided financial and logistic support for this project. We are especially indebted to Samantha Smith, WWF International Arctic Programme Director, and Nigel Allan, the WWF International Arctic Programme web master. Special thanks to Tonje Folkestad, WWF International Arctic Programme Climate Officer, for her dedication and assistance on the project. Thanks to the KUAC staff at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), including Robert Hannon, Libby Casey, Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock, and Gretchen Gordon for support of this student project. Thanks also to UAF’s Rural Student Services Staff, including Jo Jo Ducharme, Sue McHenry, Anne Pavilla, and Dean Bernice Joseph. We thank faculty member John Walsh and graduate student Shannon McNeeley of UAF’s International Arctic Research Center, and faculty member Terry Chapin, and post-doc Sarah Trainer of UAF’s Institute of Arctic Biology for their assistance.

Thanks to the Elders of Huslia and surrounding villages, especially Catherine and Steven Attla, who provided the archival images used on this web page.  Sharon Strick provided the group photos of the Huslia students. The infrared map was provided by the GeoData Center at the Geophysical Institute at UAF. Thanks to audio engineer Ed Smith for the mixing and mastering of the radio series. The content of these web pages were compiled by Kathy Turco and approved by the village of Huslia.