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Climate witness in Huslia, Alaska

Spring bank erosion in Huslia, Alaska.
The WWF Global Arctic Programme has been working with the community of Huslia, Alaska to record the experiences of climate change.

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Choose one of the following three options to learn more about the impact that climate change is having on the lives of people who call the Arctic their home.

Audio slideshow

Images of the landscape and subsistence activities from throughout the year come alive with natural sounds from the area. The programme begins in spring, and progresses through summer, fall, and winter until break-up of river ice at the end of winter.

» About the slideshow - listen to audio from the slideshow and read the transcripts

» View the audio slideshow about the effects of climate change on a native Alaskan village.

Radio programme

High school students from Huslia, Alaska interviewed Native Elders about the impact that climate change is having on the the land and their way of life.

» Listen to the interviews with native elders discussing the effects of climate change.

Web diary

Tonje Folkestad, climate change officer for the WWF Global Arctic Programme spent five days in Huslia, Alaska to talk to local people about how they are being affected by climate change.

» Read about Tonje's experiences in the Alaskan Interior.


It was a lot colder when I was young, months at a time. This weather nowadays is unpredictable; it just comes and goes anytime it wants to go. Even trapping is unpredictable now.

Hudson Sam, Elder, Huslia, Alaska