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Northland: Arctic Choices
​The Arctic is a relatively undeveloped portion of the world. As local communities and investors, developers and governments look to increase development in the region, they must weigh some difficult choices. Development may bring prosperity, but it also brings impacts on local environments and people.
Northland: Arctic Choices is a game designed to illustrate some of the benefits and costs of development decisions.
  • Number of players: ideally 2-8 per group, but can also be played solo or in larger groups. Playing with several groups at a time can both sharpen the competition, and create an opportunity for different discussions and insights from the different groups.
  • Length: 30 minutes

Download game resources

  1. Game Boards: high quality (PDF, 54MB) or lower quality (9MB)
    Each board consists of four map panels. Print 1 board per group.
  2. Game pieces
    Print and cut. There are 20 pieces altogether: 8 port pieces, 8 mine pieces, and four shipping pieces per group
  3. Moderator’s notes
    Ideally, a moderator will guide each group through the game
  4. Moderator script and rules
    Helps the moderator explain the game

Use the calculator to determine the scores for each round.

Share feedback

All of these resources are free for you to use, but we would appreciate some feedback – for example:

  • Photos of you playing the game
  • Ideas about how we could improve the game
  • Reflections from the game – what did you learn? How did it make you feel? 

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Northland, Arctic Choices game

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