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Solutions for the Amazon, wherever you are

Whether you are drifting in a boat along the Amazon River, toes dipped in the water, or purchasing a fish for your tank, your actions can have an impact on the largest rainforest in the world. Here are some tips to make sure these impacts are positive.

> Beware of the aquarium fish that you buy

If you are buying fish that has been taken from the wild in the Amazon River, make sure that you're not bringing a threatened species into your home and potentially contributing to its extinction.

> Buy good wood

Big-leaf mahogany, a severely threatened species found in the Amazon Basin, is more at home in a rainforest than in your house. Despite conventions regulating its trade, this species is still making its way into countries such as the U.S. Make sure you are not buying wood products made from this tree – always check before buying, and prefer FSC-certified products.

Find out more about big-leaf mahogany

Tips for buying wood – the WWF good wood guide

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The study identifies 794 species in 595 sites around the world that are threatened with imminent extinction, including many species of birds, including parrots, as well as mammals, amphibians and reptiles. © WWF / Martin Harvey

> Watch out for the pets you buy

Whether it's scaly or furry, the animal you bring home from the pet store may be thousands of miles from home – home being perhaps the Amazon rainforest.
Find out about wildlife trade in the Amazon

Team of fish scientists Collecting fish Jaú National Park, Amazonas, Brazil © WWF / Juan PRATGINESTOS

> Invest in WWF's work

One of the best ways still to help the Amazon is to help WWF in its work. Every little counts, and it is contributions such as yours that make our conservation efforts possible - today and tomorrow.
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